Robert Silverberg

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1992 Kingdoms of the Wall ENG

1992 The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg: Volumes One-Six ENG

1991 The Face of the Waters [La faz de las aguas] ENG

1989 The Alien Years ENG

1989 The Queen of Springtime (US title The New Springtime) ENG

1988 At Winter's End [Al final del invierno] ENG

1986 Star of Gypsies [La estrella de los gitanos] ENG

1985 Tom O'Bedlam [Tom O'Bedlam] ENG

1986 25º Locus SF Novel
1988 NM Gigamesh Novela CF

1984 Gilgamesh the King [Gilgamesh el Rey] ENG

1983 Valentine Pontifex [Valentine pontífice] ENG

1980 Majipoor [Majipur] ENG

1979 Lord Valentine's Castle [El castillo de Lord Valentine] ENG

1976 Shadrach in the Furnace [Sadrac en el horno] ENG

1975 The Stochastic Man [El hombre estocástico] ENG

1972 Dying Inside [Muero por dentro] ENG

1973 Campbell Special award for excellence in writing
1973 Nebula Novel
1973 Locus Novel
1973 F Ditmar International Fiction
1973 F Hugo Novel
1988 Gigamesh Novela CF

1971 A Time of Changes [Tiempo de cambios] ENG

1972 Nebula Novel
1972 Locus Novel
1972 F Ditmar International SF
1972 Hugo Novel
1985 F Prometheus Hall of Fame (Classic SF)
1987 F Prometheus Hall of Fame (Classic SF)
1988 Gigamesh Novela CF
2005 F Prometheus Hall of Fame (Classic SF)
2020 F Prometheus Hall of Fame (Classic SF)

1971 The World Inside [El mundo interior] ENG

1971 The Book of Skulls [El libro de los cráneos] ENG

1971 The Second Trip ENG

1971 Son of Man [El hijo del hombre] ENG

1970 Tower of Glass [La torre de cristal] ENG

1971 Nebula Novel
1971 Locus Novel
1971 Hugo Novel
1971 F Ditmar International SF
1991 Gigamesh Novela CF
2013 Geffen Translated SF Book

1969 Up the Line [Por el tiempo] ENG

1970 Hugo Novel
1970 F Nebula Novel
1975 Seiun Foreign Novel
1991 10º Gigamesh Novela CF

1969 Downward to the Earth [Regreso a Belzagor] ENG

1969 The Man in the Maze [El hombre en el laberinto] ENG

1968 The Masks of Time [Las Máscaras del tiempo] ENG

1969 Nebula Novel
1990 F Gigamesh Novela CF

1967 Thorns [Espinas] ENG

1967 The Gate of Worlds ENG

1967 To Open the Sky [Las puertas del cielo] ENG

1992 11º Gigamesh Novela CF

1960 Lost Race of Mars ENG


2015 Storie di Terra e Impero ITA

2014 The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume Nine: The Millennium Express (1995-2009) ENG

2013 The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume Eight: Hot Times in Magma City ENG

2012 The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg Volume 7: We Are for the Dark ENG

2009 Trips: The Collected Stories, Volume Four ENG

2004 Phases of the Moon: Stories from Six Decades ENG

2003 Roma Eterna [Roma eterna] ENG

2000 Sailing to Byzantium ENG

1992 The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume 1: Secret Sharers ENG

1986 Beyond the Safe Zone ENG

1984 The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party ENG

1982 Majipoor Chronicles [Crónicas de Majipur] ENG

1979 Le Livre d'Or de la science-fiction: Robert Silverberg FRE/FRA

1976 The Best of Robert Silverberg [Lo mejor de Robert Silverberg] ENG

1976 Capricorn Games [Juegos de Capricornio] ENG

1975 The Feast of St. Dionysus ENG

1974 Born with the Dead ENG

1971 Moonferns and Starsongs ENG

1972 13º Locus Anthology / Collection (Reprint)

1969 Nightwings [Alas nocturnas] ENG

1972 Seiun Foreign Novel
1976 Apollo Roman


2009 The True Vintage of Erzuine Thale ENG

2007 The Emperor and the Maula ENG

2007 Against the Current ENG

2005 A Piece of the Great World ENG

2003 The Reign of Terror ENG

2002 With Caesar in the Underworld ENG

2002 The Second Wave ENG

2000 The Millennial Express ENG

1999 Getting to Know the Dragon [Conocer al dragón] ENG

2000 F Sidewise Short Form
2000 22º Locus Novelette

1999 A Hero of the Empire ENG

2000 F Sidewise Short Form
2000 11º Locus Novelette

1998 Waiting for the End ENG

1998 The Colonel in Autumn ENG

1997 On the Inside ENG

1997 Beauty in the Night ENG

1996 Death Do Us Part ENG

1996 Diana of the Hundred Breasts ENG

1996 The Tree that Grew from the Sky ENG

1995 The Red Blaze is the Morning ENG

1995 Hot Times in Magma City ENG

1994 Via Roma ENG

1993 The Sri Lanka Position ENG

1992 Looking for the Fountain ENG

1992 Thebes of the Hundred Gates [Tebas, la de las cien puertas] ENG

1993 F HOMer Novelette
1993 Locus Novella

1991 A Tip on a Turtle ENG

1991 An Outpost of the Empire ENG

1990 Lion Time in Timbuctoo ENG

1990 Hot Sky ENG

1989 Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another [Entra un soldado, después entra otro] ENG

1989 In Another Country ENG

1989 Tales from the Venia Woods ENG

1989 To the Promised Land ENG

1989 A Sleep and a Forgetting ENG

1988 At Winter's End [Al final del invierno] ENG

1988 We Are For the Dark ENG

1988 Hannibal's Elephants ENG

1988 The Dead Man's Eyes ENG

1988 House of Bones ENG

1988 Gilgamesh in Uruk ENG

1987 The Secret Sharer ENG

1987 The Pardoner's Tale ENG

1987 The Iron Star [La estrella de hierro] ENG

1986 Gilgamesh in the Outback ENG

1986 Against Babylon ENG

1986 Blindsight ENG

1985 Sailing to Byzantium [Rumbo a Bizancio] ENG

1985 Sunrise on Pluto ENG

1984 Tourist Trade ENG

1984 The Affair [Snake and Ocean, Ocean and Snake] ENG

1983 Homefaring ENG

1983 Amanda and the Alien [Amanda y el extraterrestre] ENG

1983 Multiples ENG

1983 Needle in a Timestack ENG

1983 Basileus ENG

1982 The Pope of the Chimps ENG

1982 Thesme and the Ghayrog [Thesme y el gayrog] ENG

1982 Gianni ENG

1982 Not Our Brother [No es nuestro hermano] ENG

1987 Gigamesh Relato Terror

1981 The Desert of Stolen Dreams [El desierto de los sueños robados] ENG

1981 The Regulars [Los habituales] ENG

1981 A Thief in Ni-Moya [Una ladrona de Ni-moya] ENG

1981 The Palace at Midnight ENG

1981 Waiting for the Earthquake ENG

1981 A Thousand Paces Along the Via Dolorosa ENG

1980 Our Lady of the Sauropods ENG

1974 Capricorn Games ENG

1974 Born with the Dead [Nacidos con los muertos] ENG

1974 Schwartz Between the Galaxies [Entre dos galaxias] ENG

1974 In the House of Double Minds [La casa de las mentes dobles] ENG

1973 The Feast of St. Dionysus [La fiesta de Baco] ENG

1974 Jupiter Novella
1974 Locus Novella

1973 In the Group [En grupo] ENG

1973 Ms. Found in an Abandoned Time Machine [La señorita Found en una máquina del tiempo abandonada] ENG

1973 Many Mansions [Las múltiples moradas] ENG

1972 When We Went to See the End of the World [Vayamos a ver el fin del mundo] ENG

1972 Caliban [Caliban] ENG

1972 (Now+n), (Now-n) ENG

1971 Good News from the Vatican [Buenas noticias del Vaticano] ENG

1971 All the Way Up, All the Way Down [El mundo interior (cap. 3)] ENG

1971 In Entropy's Jaws [En las fauces de la entropía] ENG

1970 The World Outside ENG

1970 The Throwbacks [El mundo interior (cap 4)] ENG

1969 Sundance [Danza al Sol] ENG

1969 To Jorslem [Camino a Jorslem] ENG

1968 Nightwings [Alas nocturnas] ENG

1968 Passengers [Pasajeros] ENG

1968 As Is [Tal como está] ENG

1986 Gigamesh Relato Fantasía

1967 Hawksbill Station [La estación Hawksbill] ENG

1967 Flies [Moscas] ENG

1963 To See the Invisible Man [Para ver al hombre invisible] ENG


2011 Musings and Meditations ENG

1997 Reflections and Refractions: Thoughts on Science-Fiction, Science, and Other Matters ENG

1975 Who Is Tiptree, What Is He? [¿Quién es Triptree? ¿Qué es Triptree?] ENG

1970 Introduction (The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One) ENG


2004 Between Worlds ENG

2003 Legends II [Leyendas / (La espada leal+El libro de los cambios)] ENG

2003 Science Fiction: The Best of 2002 ENG

2002 Fantasy: The Best of 2001 ENG

2002 The Great SF Stories: 1964 ENG

2001 Nebula Awards Showcase 2001 ENG

1999 Far Horizons [Horizontes lejanos] ENG

1998 Legends [Leyendas negras I y II] ENG

1998 The Fantasy Hall of Fame ENG

1997 A Century of Science Fiction, 1950-1959 ENG

1994 Universe 3 ENG

1992 Universe 2 ENG

1990 Universe 1 ENG

1988 Weird Tales: 32 Unearthed Terrors ENG

1987 Robert Silverberg's Worlds of Wonder ENG

1983 The Arbor House Treasury of Science Fiction Masterpieces ENG

1983 The Fantasy Hall of Fame ENG

1983 The Nebula Awards #18 ENG

1981 New Dimensions 12 ENG

1980 The Arbor House Treasury of Modern Science Fiction [Huevo de ángel, La sombra del espacio, ...Ojo de la noche, Una galaxia llamada Roma] ENG

1980 The Arbor House Treasury of Great Science Fiction Short Novels ENG

1980 New Dimensions 11 ENG

1979 The Best of New Dimensions ENG

1979 The Edge of Space ENG

1978 New Dimensions 8 ENG

1978 Alpha 9 ENG

1976 New Dimensions 6 ENG

1976 The Crystal Ship ENG

1976 New Dimensions ENG

1977 Locus Magazine / Anthology Series

1975 Epoch ENG

1975 New Dimensions 5 ENG

1975 The New Atlantis and Other Novellas of Science Fiction [La nueva Atlántida] ENG

1975 New Dimensions ENG

1976 Locus Magazine

1974 Threads of Time ENG

1974 New Dimensions IV ENG

1974 Alpha 5 ENG

1975 Locus Anthology (Reprint)

1974 New Dimensions ENG

1975 12º Locus Magazine

1973 New Dimensions 3 ENG

1973 Alpha 4 ENG

1974 Locus Anthology / Collection (Reprint)

1973 Chains of the Sea ENG

1972 New Dimensions II [Nuevas dimensiones 2] ENG

1972 Alpha Three ENG

1973 Locus Anthology / Collection (Reprint)

1972 The Day the Sun Stood Still ENG

1972 New Dimensions ENG

1973 Locus Magazine

1971 New Dimensions, 12 volumes, (1971-1981) ENG

1971 New Dimensions 1 [Nuevas dimensiones 1] ENG

1971 Alpha Two ENG

1972 Locus Anthology / Collection (Reprint)

1970 Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume One ENG

1971 Locus Anthology / Collection
1972 10º Locus Anthology / Collection (Reprint)

1970 Alpha One ENG

1970 Great Short Novels of Science Fiction ENG

1970 The Mirror of Infinity: A Critics' Anthology of Science Fiction ENG