Michael Moorcock

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2006 The Vengeance of Rome ENG

2003 The Skrayling Tree ENG

2001 The Dreamthief's Daughter ENG

1995 Blood ENG

1991 The Revenge of the Rose [La Venganza de la Rosa] ENG

1989 The Fortress of the Pearl [La Fortaleza de la Perla] ENG

1988 Mother London ENG

1986 The Dragon in the Sword ENG

1986 The City in the Autumn Stars ENG

1982 The Nomad of Time (Oswald Bastable) ENG

1981 The War Hound and the World's Pain [El perro de la guerra y el dolor del mundo] ENG

1978 Gloriana [Gloriana, o la reina insatisfecha] ENG

1977 The Condition of Muzak [La condición de Muzak] ENG

1977 The Cornelius Chronicles [El programa final, Una cura para el cáncer, El asesino inglés, La condición de Muzak] ENG

1976 The Sailor on the Seas of Fate [Marinero de los Mares del Destino] ENG

1976 The End of All Songs ENG

1974 The Hollow Lands ENG

1974 The Sword and the Stallion [La Espada y el Corcel] ENG

1972 The Elric Saga ENG

1986 Seiun Foreign Novel

1972 The Dancers at the End of Time (An Alien Heat, The Hollow Lands, The End of All Songs) ENG

1972 Elric of Melnibone [Elric de Melniboné] eng

1987 Gigamesh Novela de Fantasía

1972 Dancers at the End of Time ENG

1972 An Alien Heat ENG

1971 The King of the Swords [El Rey de las Espadas] ENG

1971 The Knight of the Swords [El caballero de las espadas] ENG

1971 The Corum Trilogy ENG

1969 Behold the Man [He aquí el hombre] ENG

1969 The Ice Schooner ENG

1969 The Secret of the Runestaff (The Runestaff) [El bastón rúnico] ENG

1968 The Final Programme [El programa final] ENG

1968 Sorcerer's Amulet (The Mad God's Amulet) [El amuleto del dios loco] ENG

1968 The Sword of the Dawn [La espada del amanecer] ENG

1967 The History of the Runestaff [El bastón rúnico] ENG

1967 The Jewel in the Skull [La joya en la frente] ENG


2009 The Best of Michael Moorcock ENG

2001 London Bone ENG

1995 Lunching with the Antichrist ENG

1995 Fabulous Harbours ENG

1984 The Opium General ENG

1981 Le Livre d'Or de la science-fiction: Michaël Moorcock FRE/FRA

1977 The Weird of the White Wolf ENG

1965 Stormbringer [Portadora de Tormentas] ENG

1992 NM Gigamesh Novela de Fantasía


2012 Curaré ENG

2002 Firing the Cathedral ENG

2002 Lost Sorceress of the Silent Citadel ENG

2001 A Slow Saturday Night at the Surrealist Sporting Club ENG

1997 London Bone [Hueso de Londres] ENG

1993 Colour ENG

1990 The Cairene Purse ENG

1981 Elric at the End of Time ENG

1979 Crossing Into Cambodia [Mis experiencias en la Tercera Guerra Mundial] ENG

1975 Ancient Shadows ENG

1975 White Stars ENG

1974 Pale Roses ENG

1973 The Jade Man's Eyes ENG

1966 Behold the Man [He aquí el hombre] ENG

1964 Doomed Lord's Passing ENG


2012 London Peculiar and Other Nonfiction ENG

2011 The Sunday Books ENG

2010 Into the Media Web ENG

1988 Fantasy: The 100 Best Books ENG

1987 Wizardry and Wild Romance ENG


1983 New Worlds: An Anthology ENG

1972 New Worlds Quarterly #4 ENG

1972 New Worlds Quarterly #3 ENG

1972 New Worlds Quarterly ENG

1973 10º Locus Magazine

1971 New Worlds Quarterly #1 ENG

1971 New Worlds Quarterly #2 ENG

1969 New Worlds ENG

1970 Hugo Professional Magazine

1968 New Worlds ENG

1969 F Hugo Professional Magazine

1967 New Worlds ENG

1968 F Hugo Professional Magazine

1966 New Worlds ENG

1967 F Hugo Professional Magazine