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Experimental Film , Gemma Files.
F Signal to Noise , Silvia Moreno-Garcia.
F The Little Washer of Sorrows , Katherine Fawcett.
F Daydreams of Angels , Heather O'Neill.
F The Affinities , Robert Charles Wilson.

Young Adult

An Inheritance of Ashes , Leah Bobet.
F Sight Unseen , David Carroll.
F The Unquiet , Mikaela Everett.
F The Nest , Kenneth Oppel.
F Boo , Neil Smith.

Short Story

Hide and Seek , Catherine A. MacLeod.
F La Héron , Charlotte Ashley.
F The Glad Hosts , Rebecca Campbell.
F Stuck in the Past , Mike Donoghue.
F Get the Message , Peter Wendt.