Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award

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Short Fiction

The Chief Designer , Andy Duncan.
Lobsters [Langostas] , Charles Stross.
Undone [Deshecho] , James Patrick Kelly.
NM Hell Is the Absence of God [El infierno es la ausencia de Dios] , Ted Chiang.
NM The Dog Said Bow-Wow [El perro dijo guau-guau] , Michael Swanwick.
NM Eternity and Afterward , Lucius Shepard.
NM Isabel of the Fall [Isabel de la Caída] , Ian R. MacLeod.
NM Have Not Have , Geoff Ryman.
NM The Measure of All Things , Richard Chwedyk.
NM The Cat's Pajamas , James Morrow.
NM New Light on the Drake Equation [Nueva luz sobre la ecuación Drake] , Ian R. MacLeod.
NM Interview: On Any Given Day , Maureen F. McHugh.