Bram Stoker Awards

Short Fiction [Relato]
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Happy Joe's Rest Stop , John Palisano.
F Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers , Alyssa Wong.
F All the Day You'll Have Good Luck , Kate Jonez.
F The Algernon Effect , Gene O'Neill.
F Sing Me Your Scars , Damien Angelica Walters.


The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani Family , Usman T. Malik.
F Baby’s Breath , Sydney Leigh.
F Hot Tub , Hal Bodner.
F Ruminations , Rena Mason.
F Splinterette , John Palisano.
F The Floating Girls: A Documentary , Damien Angelica Walters.


Night Train to Paris , David Gerrold.
F Code 666 , Michael Reaves.
F Primal Tongue , Michael Bailey.
F Snapshot , Patrick Freivald.
F The Geminis , John Palisano.
F The Hunger Artist , Lisa Mannetti.
NM Black Tea , Samuel Marolla.
NM Flowers Blooming in the Season of Atrophy , Max Booth III.
NM The Book With No End , Colleen Anderson.
NM The Slipway Grey , Helen Marshall.


Magdala Amygdala , Lucy A. Snyder.
F Available Light , John Palisano.
F Righteous , Weston Ochse.
F Bury My Heart at Marvin Gardens , Joe McKinney.
F Surrounded by the Mutant Rain Forest , Bruce Boston.


Herman Wouk Is Still Alive , Stephen King.
F All You Can Do Is Breathe , Kaaron Warren.
F Graffiti Sonata , Gene O'Neill.
F Home , George Saunders.
F X is for Xyx , John Palisano.
F Her Husband's Hands [Las manos de su marido] , Adam-Troy Castro.


The Folding Man , Joe R. Lansdale.
F 1925: A Fall River Halloween , Lisa Mannetti.
F Final Draft , Mark W. Worthen.
F In the Middle of Poplar Street , Nate Southard.
F Return to Mariabronn , Gary Braunbeck.


In the Porches of My Ears , Norman Prentiss.
F The Night Nurse , Harry Shannon.
F Keeping Watch , Nate Kenyon.
F The Crossing of Aldo Ray , Weston Ochse.


The Lost , Sarah Langan.
F Turtle , Lee Thomas.
F Evidence of Love in a Case of Abandonment: One Daughter's Personal Account , M. Rickert.
F The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft , Nick Mamatas & Tim Pratt.
F Petrified , Scott Edelman.


The Gentle Brush of Wings , David Niall Wilson.
F Closet Dreams , Lisa Tuttle.
F The Death Wagon Rolls On By , C. Dean Andersson.
F Letting Go , John Everson.
F The Teacher , Paul G. Tremblay.
F There's No Light Between Floors , Paul G. Tremblay.


Tested , Lisa Morton.
F 31/10 , Stephen Volk.
F Balance , Gene O'Neill.
F Feeding the Dead Inside , Yvonne Navarro.
F FYI , Mort Castle.


We Now Pause for Station Identification [Hacemos una pausa para la cuña del programa] , Gary A. Braunbeck.
F As Others See Us , Mort Castle.
F Haeckel's Tale , Clive Barker.
F Invisible , Steve Rasnic Tem.
F Times of Atonement , Yvonne Navarro.


Nimitseahpah , Nancy Etchemendy.
F Singing My Sister Down , Margo Lanagan.
F Guts , Chuck Palahniuk.
F Hunting Meth Zombies in the Great Nebraskan Wasteland , John Farris.
F Just Out of Reach , Gary Braunbeck.
F A Madness of Starlings , Douglas Clegg.


Duty , Gary A. Braunbeck.
F Harvey's Dream [El sueño de Harvey] , Stephen King.
F The Haunting , Joyce Carol Oates.
F The Last Supper , Scott Edelman.
F The Red Bow , George Saunders.


The MiSFit Child Grows Fat on Despair , Tom Piccirilli.
F Details , China Miéville.
F Disappearances , Mort Castle.
F The Green Man , Christopher Fowler.
F The Plague Species , Charlee Jacob.


Reconstructing Amy , Tim Lebbon.
F The Haunt , Jack Ketchum.
F I Am Your Need , Mort Castle.
F Whose Puppets, Best and Worst, Are We? , David B. Silva.


Gone , Jack Ketchum.
F Dead Cat Bounce , Gerard Daniel Houarner.
F Fallen Angel , Robert J. Sawyer.
F Mexican Moon [Luna mejicana] , Karen E. Taylor.


Aftershock , F. Paul Wilson.
F The Entertainment , Ramsey Campbell.
F The Grave , P(atricia). D. Cacek.
F Halloween Street , Steve Rasnic Tem.


The Dead Boy at Your Window [El niño muerto en tu ventana] , Bruce Holland Rogers.
F Autopsy Room Four [Sala de autopsias número 4] , Stephen King.
F Blues-Born , Tina Jens.
F The Rug , Edo van Belkom.


Rat Food , Edo van Belkom & David Nickle.
F I Am Infinite, I Contain Multitudes , Douglas Clegg.
F Madame Babylon , Brian Hodge.
F A Plague on Both Your Houses , Scott Edelman.


Metalica , P(atricia). D. Cacek.
F The House of Mourning , Brian Stableford.
F Plan 10 from Inner Space , Karl Edward Wagner.
F The Secret Shih-Tan , Graham Masterton.
F The Slobbering Tongue That Ate the Frightfully Huge Woman , Robert Devereaux.


Chatting with Anubis , Harlan Ellison.
F Becky Lives , Harry Crews.
F The Bungalow House [El bungalow] , Thomas Ligotti.
F The Death of the Novel , William Browning Spencer.


Cafe Endless: Spring Rain , Nancy Holder.
The Box , Jack Ketchum.
F Mr. Torso , Edward Lee.
F Things Of Which We Do Not Speak , Lucy Taylor.


I Hear the Mermaids Singing , Nancy Holder.
F The Dog Park , Dennis Etchison.
F Death Fiend Guerrillas , William S. Burroughs.
F Distances , Sherman Alexie.
F Pain Grin , Wayne Allen Sallee.


This Year's Class Picture [La foto de la clase de este año] , Dan Simmons.
F Bright Lights, Big Zombie , Douglas E. Winter.
F Come One, Come All , Gahan Wilson.
F Did They Get You to Trade? , Karl Edward Wagner.
F Farm Wife , Nancy Kilpatrick.


Lady Madonna , Nancy Holder.
F The Ash of Memory, the Dust of Desire , Poppy Z. Brite.
F The Braille Encyclopaedia [La Enciclopedia Braille] , Grant Morrison.
F Love Doll: A Fable , Joe R. Lansdale.
F Richard's Head , Al Sarrantonio.
F Wolf Winter , Maxine O'Callaghan.


The Calling , David B. Silva.
F Back Windows , Steve Rasnic Tem.
F But You'll Never Follow Me , Karl Edward Wagner.
F From the Papers of Helmut Hecher , Chet Williamson.
F The Loneliest Number , Edward Bryant.


Eat Me [Cómeme] , Robert R. McCammon.
F Yore Skin's Jes's Soft 'N Purty... He Said , Chet Williamson.
F A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned [Un triste último amor en el bar de los malditos] , Edward Bryant.
F Bodies and Heads [Cabezas y cuerpos] , Steve Rasnic Tem.
F Each Night, Each Year , Kathryn Ptacek.


Night They Missed the Horror Show , Joe R. Lansdale.
F Jack's Decline , Lucius Shepard.
F The Music of the Dark Time , Chet Williamson.
F Nobody Lives There Now , Carol Orlock.
F She's a Young Thing and Cannot Leave Her Mother , Harlan Ellison.
F The Thing at the Top of the Stairs , Ray Bradbury.


The Deep End , Robert R. McCammon.
F Friend's Best Man [El mejor hombre del amigo] , Jonathan Carroll.
F Dat-Tay-Vao , F. Paul Wilson.
F This Old Man , Charles L. Grant.
F Traps , F. Paul Wilson.