Bram Stoker Awards

First Novel [Novela Debut]
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Mr. Suicide , Nicole Cushing.
F Shutter , Courtney Alameda.
F We Are Monsters , Brian Kirk.
F Hannahwhere , John McIlveen.
F Riding the Centipede , John Claude Smith.


Mr. Wicker , Maria Alexander.
F Bird Box , Josh Malerman.
F Consumed , David Cronenberg.
F Forsaken , J.D. Barker.
F Return of the Mothman , Michael Knost.


The Evolutionist , Rena Mason.
F Candy House , Kate Jonez.
F Redheads , Jonathan Moore.
F Stoker's Manuscript , Royce Prouty.
F The Year of the Storm , John Mantooth.
NM Cain's Blood , Geoffrey Girard.
NM Losing Touch , Christian A. Larsen.
NM Pivot , L.C. Barlow.
NM Poe , J. Lincoln Fenn.
NM Whisper , Michael Bray.


Life Rage , L.L. Soares.
F Bad Glass , Richard E. Gropp.
F Wide Open , Deborah Coates.
F A Requiem for Dead Flies , Peter Dudar.
F The Legend of the Pumpkin Thief , Charles Day.
F Charlotte Markham and the House of Darklings , Michael Boccacino.


Isis Unbound , Allyson Bird.
F Southern Gods , John Hornor Jacobs.
F That Which Should Not Be , Brett J. Talley.
F The Lamplighters , Lee Frazer.
F The Panama Laugh , Thomas S. Roche.


Black and Orange , Benjamin Kane Ethridge.
The Castle of Los Angeles , Lisa Morton.
F Spellbent , Lucy A. Snyder.
F A Book of Tongues , Gemma Files.


Damnable , Hank Schwaeble.
F Solomon's Grave , Daniel G. Keohane.
F The Little Sleep , Paul Tremblay.
F Breathers , S. G. Browne.


The Gentling Box , Lisa Mannetti.
F Midnight on Mourn Street , Christopher Conlon.
F The Suicide Collectors [Los recolectores de suicidas] , David Oppegaard.
F Frozen Blood , Joel A. Sutherland.
F Monster Behind the Wheel , Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin.


Heart-Shaped Box [El traje del muerto] , Joe Hill.
F The Hollower , Mary SanGiovanni.
F I Will Rise , Michael Calvillo.
F The Memory Tree , John R. Little.
F The Witch's Trinity , Erika Mailman.


Ghost Road Blues , Jonathan Maberry.
F Bloodstone , Nate Kenyon.
F The Harrowing , Alexandra Sokoloff.
F The Keeper , Sarah Langan.


Scarecrow Gods , Weston Ochse.
F The Hides , Kealan-Patrick Burke.
F Siren Promised , Alan M. Clark & Jeremy Robert Johnson.


Covenant , John Everson.
Stained , Lee Thomas.
F Black Fire , James Kidman.
F Move Under Ground , Nick Mamatas.


The Rising [El alzamiento] , Brian Keene.
F Veniss Underground [Vennis Soterrada] , Jeff VanderMeer.
F Monstrocity , Jeffrey Thomas.
F Wolf's Trap , William D. Gagliani.


The Lovely Bones , Alice Sebold.
F Atmosphere , Michael Laimo.
F The Blues Ain't Nothing' , Tina Jens.
F The Red Church [La iglesia roja] , Scott Nicholson.


Deadliest of the Species , Michael Oliveri.
F Phantom Feast , Diana Barron.
F Riverwatch , Joseph M. Nassise.
F Skating on the Edge , d. g. k. goldberg.


The Licking Valley Coon Hunters Club , Brian A. Hopkins.
F House of Leaves [La casa de hojas] , Mark Z. Danielewski.
F Nailed by the Heart [Clavado en el corazón] , Simon Clark.
F Run , Douglas E. Winter.


Wither , J. G. Passarella.
F Every Dead Thing , John Connolly.
F King Rat [El rey Rata] , China Miéville.
F Widow's Walk , Steve Beai.


Dawn Song , Michael Marano.
F Night Prayers , P(atricia). D. Cacek.
F Silk , Caitlín R. Kiernan.
F The Symbiotic Fascination , Charlee Jacob.


Lives of the Monster Dogs , Kirsten Bakis.
F The Art of Arrow Cutting , Stephen Dedman.
F Drawn to the Grave , Mary Ann Mitchell.
F Hungry Eyes , Barry Hoffman.
F The Inquisitor , Mary Murrey.


Crota , Owl Goingback.
F Dead Heat , Del Stone, Jr..
F Flute Song , Donald Burleson.
F Horror Show , Greg Kihn.


The Safety of Unknown Cities , Lucy Taylor.
F The Between , Tananarive Due.
F Diary of a Vampire , Gary Bowen.
F Madeleine's Ghost , Robert Giardi.
F Wyrm Wolf , Edo van Belkom.


Grave Markings , Michael A. Arnzen.
F The Black Mariah , Jay R. Bonansinga.
F Deadweight , Robert Devereaux.
F Near Death , Nancy Kilpatrick.


The Thread That Binds the Bones , Nina Kiriki Hoffman.
F Afterage , Yvonne Navarro.
F Created By , Richard Christian Matheson.
F Suckers , Anne Billson.
F Wet Work , Philip Nutman.


Sineater , Elizabeth Massie.
F Lost Souls [La música de los vampiros {el alma del vampiro}] , Poppy Z. Brite.
F Beauty , Brian D'Amato.
F The Holy Terror , Wayne Allen Sallee.
F Less Than Human , Gary Raisor.


Prodigal , Melanie Tem.
The Cipher , Kathe Koja.
F Unearthed , Ashley McConnell.
F Wilderness , Dennis Danvers.
F Winter Scream , Chris Curry & L. Dean James.


The Revelation , Bentley Little.
F Blood of the Children , Alan Rodgers.
F Dark Father , Tom Piccirilli.
F Nightblood , T. Chris Martindale.


Sunglasses After Dark , Nancy A. Collins.
F The Dwelling , Tom Elliot.
F Goat Dance , Douglas Clegg.
F Laying the Music to Rest , Dean Wesley Smith.
F The Lilith Factor , Jean Paiva.


The Suiting , Kelley Wilde.
F Cities of the Dead , Michael Paine.
F Deliver Us From Evil [Líbranos del Mal] , Alan Lee Harris.
F Demon Night , J. Michael Straczynski.
F Fear Book , John L. Byrne.
F Ressurection, Inc. , Kevin J. Anderson.


The Manse , Lisa W. Cantrell.
F The Damnation Game [El juego de las maldiciones] , Clive Barker.
F Excavation , Steve Rasnic Tem.
F The Harvest Bride , Tony Richards.
F Slob , Rex Miller.