Bram Stoker Awards

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Children of the Dusk , Janet Berliner & George Guthridge.
F Earthquake Weather , Tim Powers.
F The Church of Dead Girls , Stephen Dobyns.
F My Soul to Keep , Tananarive Due.

Long Fiction / Novelette

The Big Blow , Joe R. Lansdale.
F Coppola's Dracula , Kim Newman.
F Everything's Eventual [Todo es eventual] , Stephen King.
F The Word , Ramsey Campbell.
F The Zombies of Madison County , Douglas E. Winter.

Short Story

Rat Food , Edo van Belkom & David Nickle.
F I Am Infinite, I Contain Multitudes , Douglas Clegg.
F Madame Babylon , Brian Hodge.
F A Plague on Both Your Houses , Scott Edelman.


Exorcisms and Ecstasies , Karl Edward Wagner.
F The Throne of Bones , Brian McNaughton.
F Painted in Blood , Lucy Taylor.
F Things Left Behind , Gary A. Braunbeck.

First Novel

Lives of the Monster Dogs , Kirsten Bakis.
F The Art of Arrow Cutting , Stephen Dedman.
F Drawn to the Grave , Mary Ann Mitchell.
F Hungry Eyes , Barry Hoffman.
F The Inquisitor , Mary Murrey.

Non Fiction

Dark Thoughts: On Writing , Stanley Wiater.
F The Encyclopedia of Fantasy , John Clute & John Grant, eds..
F Clive Barker's A-Z of Horror , Stephen Jones, ed..
F Dean Koontz: A Writer's Biography , Katherine Ramsland.
F The Hammer Story , Marcus Hearn & Alan Barnes.
F Video Watchdog , Tim Lucas, ed..

Lifetime Achievement

Jack Williamson.
William Peter Blatty.