Bram Stoker Awards

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1989 1988


Swan Song [El canto del cisne] , Robert R. McCammon.
Misery [Misery] , Stephen King.
F Ash Wednesday , Chet Williamson.
F Live Girls , Ray Garton.
F Unassigned Territory , Ken Nunn.


The Boy Who Came back From the Dead [El niño que regresó de entre los muertos] , Alan Rodgers.
The Pear-Shaped Man [El hombre con forma de pera] , George R. R. Martin.
F Pamela's Get , David J. Schow.
F Resurrec Tech , S. P. Somtow.

Short Story

The Deep End , Robert R. McCammon.
F Friend's Best Man [El mejor hombre del amigo] , Jonathan Carroll.
F Dat-Tay-Vao , F. Paul Wilson.
F This Old Man , Charles L. Grant.
F Traps , F. Paul Wilson.


The Essential Ellison , Harlan Ellison.
F Why Not You and I? , Karl Edward Wagner.
F Scared Stiff, Tales of Sex and Death , Ramsey Campbell.
F All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past , Howard Waldrop.
F Midnight Pleasures , Robert Bloch.

First Novel

The Manse , Lisa W. Cantrell.
F The Damnation Game [El juego de las maldiciones] , Clive Barker.
F Excavation , Steve Rasnic Tem.
F The Harvest Bride , Tony Richards.
F Slob , Rex Miller.

Non Fiction

Mary Shelley , Muriel Spark.
F Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In , Joe Bob Briggs.
F The Zombies That Ate Pittsburgh , Paul A. Gagne.

Lifetime Achievement

Fritz Leiber.
Clifford D. Simak.
Frank Belknap Long, Jr..