Prometheus Awards

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SF Novel

Learning the World: A Novel of First Contact , Ken MacLeod.
F The Hidden Family , Charles Stross.
F 47 , Walter Mosley.
F Chainfire , Terry Goodkind.
F RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone , Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman.
F The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Resistance , Vin Suprynowicz.

Hall of Fame (Classic SF)

V for Vendetta [V de Vendetta] , Alan Moore (wr); David Lloyd (il).
F The Lord of the Rings [El señor de los anillos] , J. R. R. Tolkien.
F A Clockwork Orange [La naranja mecánica] , Anthony Burgess.
F As Easy as A.B.C. , Rudyard Kipling.
F It Can't Happen Here , Sinclair Lewis.

Special Award

Serenity [Serenity] , Joss Whedon (dir) (wr).