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A Time of Changes [Tiempo de cambios] , Robert Silverberg.
The Lathe of Heaven [La rueda celeste] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
The Devil is Dead , R. A. Lafferty.
Margaret and I , Kate Wilhelm.
The Byworlder , Poul Anderson.
Half Past Human [Más que humano] , T. J. Bass.


The Missing Man , Katherine MacLean.
The Infinity Box , Kate Wilhelm.
Being There , Jerry Kosinski.
The God House [La casa del Dios] , Keith Roberts.
The Plastic Abyss , Kate Wilhelm.


The Queen of Air and Darkness [La reina del aire y la oscuridad] , Poul Anderson.
Mount Charity [Cerro Caridad] , Edgar Pangborn.
Poor Man, Beggar Man [Un pobre hombre, un mendigo] , Joanna Russ.
A Special Kind of Morning [Una mañana especial] , Gardner R. Dozois.
The Encounter , Kate Wilhelm.

Short Story

Good News from the Vatican [Buenas noticias del Vaticano] , Robert Silverberg.
The Last Ghost , Stephen Goldin.
Horse of Air , Gardner R. Dozois.
Heathen God , George Zebrowski.