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Rite of Passage [Rito de Iniciación] , Alexei Panshin.
The Masks of Time [Las Máscaras del tiempo] , Robert Silverberg.
Stand on Zanzibar [Todos sobre Zanzíbar] , John Brunner.
Picnic on Paradise [Pícnic en Paraíso] , Joanna Russ.
Black Easter / Faust Aleph-Null , James Blish.
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? [¿Sueñan los androides con ovejas eléctricas?] , Philip K. Dick.
Past Master [La tercera oportunidad] , R. A. Lafferty.


Dragonrider [El vuelo del dragón] , Anne McCaffrey.
Nightwings [Alas nocturnas] , Robert Silverberg.
Lines of Power [Alta Tensión] , Samuel R. Delany.
Hawk Among the Sparrows , Dean McLaughlin.
The Day Beyond Forever , Keith Laumer.


Mother to the World [Madre del mundo] , Richard Wilson.
The Sharing of Flesh [Carne Compartida] , Poul Anderson.
Final War , Barry N. Malzberg [K. M. O'Donnell].
Once There Was a Giant [Érase una vez un gigante] , Keith Laumer.
The Listeners , James E. Gunn.
Total Environment [Entorno total] , Brian W. Aldiss.
The Guerilla Trees , H. H. Hollis.

Short Story

The Planners [Los programadores] , Kate Wilhelm.
Masks [Máscaras] , Damon Knight.
The Dance of the Changer and the Three [La danza del mutador y los tres] , Terry Carr.
Sword Game [El truce de la espada] , H. H. Hollis.
Kyrie [Kyrie] , Poul Anderson.
Idiot's Mate , Robert Taylor.