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Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances [Material sensible] , Neil Gaiman.
Three Moments of an Explosion , China Miéville.
The Best of Gregory Benford , Gregory Benford.
Dancing Through the Fire , Tanith Lee.
The Best of Nancy Kress , Nancy Kress.


Last Plane to Heaven: The Final Collection , Jay Lake.
Academic Exercises , K. J. Parker.
The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume Nine: The Millennium Express (1995-2009) , Robert Silverberg.
Questionable Practices , Eileen Gunn.
The Collected Short Fiction Volume One: The Man Who Made Models , R. A. Lafferty.


The Best of Connie Willis: Award-Winning Stories , Connie Willis.
The Best of Joe Haldeman , Joe Haldeman, Jonathan Strahan & Gary K. Wolfe, eds..
The Bread We Eat in Dreams , Catherynne M. Valente.
Kabu-Kabu , Nnedi Okorafor.
The Ape's Wife and Other Stories , Caitlín R. Kiernan.


Shoggoths in Bloom , Elizabeth Bear.
The Best of Kage Baker , Kage Baker.
At the Mouth of the River of Bees , Kij Johnson.
The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories Volume One: Where on Earth and Volume Two: Outer Space, Inner Lands , Ursula K. Le Guin.
The Dragon Griaule , Lucius Shepard.


The Bible Repairman and Other Stories , Tim Powers.
After the Apocalypse: Stories , Maureen F. McHugh.
Sleight of Hand , Peter S. Beagle.
The Collected Stories of Carol Emshwiller, Volume 1 , Carol Emshwiller.
Two Worlds and In Between: The Best of Caitlin R. Kiernan (Volume One) , Caitlín R. Kiernan.


Selected Stories , Fritz Leiber.
Mirror Kingdoms: The Best of Peter S. Beagle , Peter S. Beagle.
The Best of Kim Stanley Robinson , Kim Stanley Robinson.
The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny: Volume Five: Nine Black Doves , Roger Zelazny.
What I Didn't See and Other Stories , Karen Joy Fowler.


The Best of Gene Wolfe: A Definitive Retrospective of His Finest Short Fiction / The Very Best of Gene Wolfe , Gene Wolfe.
The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny: Volumes 1-6 , Roger Zelazny.
Cyberabad Days , Ian McDonald.
Wireless , Charles Stross.
We Never Talk About My Brother , Peter S. Beagle.


Pump Six and Other Stories [La bomba número seis y otros relatos] , Paolo Bacigalupi.
The Best of Michael Swanwick , Michael Swanwick.
Pretty Monsters , Kelly Link.
The Drowned Life , Jeffrey Ford.
The Best of Lucius Shepard , Lucius Shepard.


The Winds of Marble Arch and Other Stories [Lo mejor de Connie Willis I y II] , Connie Willis.
The Jack Vance Treasury , Jack Vance.
Overclocked: Stories of the Future Present , Cory Doctorow.
The Dog Said Bow-Wow , Michael Swanwick.
Things Will Never Be the Same: Selected Short Fiction 1980-2005 , Howard Waldrop.


Fragile Things [Objetos frágiles] , Neil Gaiman.
The Empire of Ice Cream , Jeffrey Ford.
The Best of Philip Jose Farmer , Philip J. Farmer.
The Ladies of Grace Adieu and other stories [Las damas de Grace Adieu] , Susanna Clarke.
Galactic North , Alastair Reynolds.


Magic for Beginners , Kelly Link.
Looking for Jake and Other Stories , China Miéville.
Harrowing the Dragon , Patricia A. McKillip.
Platinum Pohl , Frederik Pohl.
Tales , H. P. Lovecraft.


The John Varley Reader , John Varley.
The Collected Short Fiction of C. J. Cherryh , C. J. Cherryh.
Phases of the Moon: Stories from Six Decades , Robert Silverberg.
Innocents Aboard , Gene Wolfe.
Mother Aegypt and Other Stories , Kage Baker.


Changing Planes [Planos paralelos] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
GRRM: A RRetrospective [Luz de estrellas lejanas, Híbridos y engendros, Un corazón atribulado] , George R. R. Martin.
Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales , Ray Bradbury.
Custer's Last Jump and Other Collaborations , Howard Waldrop et al.
Roma Eterna [Roma eterna] , Robert Silverberg.


Stories of Your Life and Others [La historia de tu vida] , Ted Chiang.
The Birthday of the World and Other Stories [El cumpleaños del mundo y otros relatos] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
Worlds Enough & Time , Dan Simmons.
The Collected Stories of Greg Bear , Greg Bear.
Everything's Eventual [Todo es eventual] , Stephen King.


Tales from Earthsea [Cuentos de Terramar] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
The Collected Stories , Arthur C. Clarke.
The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge , Vernor Vinge.
From These Ashes: The Complete Short SF of Fredric Brown [Ven y enloquece y otros cuentos de marcianos] , Fredric Brown.
Skin Folk , Nalo Hopkinson.


Tales of Old Earth , Michael Swanwick.
Saucer of Loneliness: Volume VII: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon , Theodore Sturgeon.
Telzey Amberdon , James H. Schmitz.
Beluthahatchie and Other Stories , Andy Duncan.
Strange Travelers , Gene Wolfe.


The Martians [Los Marcianos] , Kim Stanley Robinson.
A Good Old-Fashioned Future , Bruce Sterling.
Miracle and Other Christmas Stories [El Espíritu de la Navidad y Otras Historias Navideñas (R)] , Connie Willis.
The Compleat Boucher , Anthony Boucher.
Hearts in Atlantis [Corazones en la Atlántida] , Stephen King.


The Avram Davidson Treasury , Avram Davidson (au), Robert Silverberg & Grania Davis, eds..
Smoke and Mirrors [Humo y espejos] , Neil Gaiman.
Kirinyaga , Mike Resnick.
Luminous [Luminoso] , Greg Egan.
Beaker's Dozen , Nancy Kress.


Slippage: Precariously Poised, Previously Uncollected Stories , Harlan Ellison.
His Share of Glory: The Complete Short Science Fiction of C.M. Kornbluth , C. M. Kornbluth.
Axiomatic [Axiomático] , Greg Egan.
Virtual Unrealities [Irrealidades virtuales] , Alfred Bester.
Think Like a Dinosaur and Other Stories , James Patrick Kelly.


None So Blind , Joe Haldeman.
Unlocking the Air and Other Stories [Las llaves del aire] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
Quicker than the Eye [Más rápido que el ojo] , Ray Bradbury.
Bible Stories for Adults , James Morrow.
Dreamweaver's Dilemma , Lois McMaster Bujold.


Four Ways to Forgiveness [Cuatro caminos hacia el perdón] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
Ingathering: The Complete People Stories of Zenna Henderson , Zenna Henderson.
Bloodchild and Other Stories , Octavia E. Butler.
The Ultimate Egoist. Volume I: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon , Theodore Sturgeon (au), Paul Williams, ed..
The Steampunk Trilogy [La trilogía steampunk] , Paul Di Filippo.


Otherness , David Brin.
A Fisherman of the Inland Sea [Un pescador del mar interior] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
Matter's End , Gregory Benford.
Crashlander , Larry Niven.
Unconquered Countries , Geoff Ryman.


Impossible Things , Connie Willis.
Lovedeath , Dan Simmons.
The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith [Los señores de la instrumentalidad: Piensa azul, cuenta hasta dos, La dama muerta de Clown Town, En busca de tres mundos] , Cordwainer Smith.
Bears Discover Fire , Terry Bisson.
Forward the Foundation [Hacia la Fundación] , Isaac Asimov.


The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume 1: Secret Sharers , Robert Silverberg.
Speaking in Tongues , Ian McDonald.
Meeting in Infinity , John Kessel.
Globalhead , Bruce Sterling.
Geodesic Dreams [Sueños geodésicos] , Gardner R. Dozois.


Night of the Cooters: More Neat Stories , Howard Waldrop.
Playgrounds of the Mind , Larry Niven.
Remaking History , Kim Stanley Robinson.
Gravity's Angels , Michael Swanwick.
The Best of James H. Schmitz , James H. Schmitz.


Maps in a Mirror: The Short Fiction of Orson Scott Card [Mapas en un espejo] , Orson Scott Card.
Her Smoke Rose Up Forever , James Tiptree, Jr..
Prayers to Broken Stones , Dan Simmons.
N-Space , Larry Niven.
The Leiber Chronicles , Fritz Leiber.


Patterns [Matrices] , Pat Cadigan.
Crystal Express [Crystal Express] , Bruce Sterling.
Tangents , Greg Bear.
The Folk of the Fringe [La gente del margen] , Orson Scott Card.
Endangered Species [Especies en peligro] , Gene Wolfe.


Angry Candy , Harlan Ellison.
Crown of Stars , James Tiptree, Jr..
The Knight and Knave of Swords [La hermandad de las espadas] , Fritz Leiber.
Other Americas , Norman Spinrad.
John the Balladeer , Manly Wade Wellman.


The Jaguar Hunter [El cazador de Jaguares + El hombre que pintó al dragón Griaule] , Lucius Shepard.
The Essential Ellison , Harlan Ellison.
The Days of Perky Pat [Cuentos completos IV] , Philip K. Dick.
Beyond Lies the Wub [Aquí yace el Wub (Cuentos completos I)] , Philip K. Dick.
The Father-Thing [El padre-cosa (Cuentos completos III)] , Philip K. Dick.
The Little Black Box [Cuentos completos V] , Philip K. Dick.
Second Variety [La segunda variedad (Cuentos completos II)] , Philip K. Dick.
And the Gods Laughed , Fredric Brown.
All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past , Howard Waldrop.


Blue Champagne [Blue champagne] , John Varley.
Burning Chrome [Quemando Cromo] , William Gibson.
Howard Who? , Howard Waldrop.
Visible Light , C. J. Cherryh.
Tuf Voyaging [Los Viajes de Tuf] , George R. R. Martin.


Skeleton Crew [La niebla, La expedición, Historias fantásticas, Historias para no dormir] , Stephen King.
Fire Watch , Connie Willis.
Limits , Larry Niven.
Nightflyers , George R. R. Martin.
Melancholy Elephants , Spider Robinson.


The Ghost Light , Fritz Leiber.
Pohlstars , Frederik Pohl.
Tamastara , Tanith Lee.
Extra(ordinary) People [Almas] , Joanna Russ.
One Winter in Eden , Michael Bishop.


Unicorn Variations , Roger Zelazny.
Red as Blood , Tanith Lee.
The Sentinel [El centinela] , Arthur C. Clarke.
The Wind From a Burning Woman , Greg Bear.
The Zanzibar Cat , Joanna Russ.


The Compass Rose [La rosa de los vientos] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
Majipoor Chronicles [Crónicas de Majipur] , Robert Silverberg.
Stalking the Nightmare , Harlan Ellison.
Different Seasons [El cuerpo + Verano de corrupción] , Stephen King.
Dilvish, the Damned [Dilvish, el maldito] , Roger Zelazny.


Sandkings , George R. R. Martin.
Gene Wolfe's Book of Days , Gene Wolfe.
Sunfall , C. J. Cherryh.
Particle Theory , Edward Bryant.
Lord Darcy Investigates , Randall Garrett.


The Barbie Murders , John Varley.
Shatterday , Harlan Ellison.
The Last Defender of Camelot , Roger Zelazny.
The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories , Gene Wolfe.
San Diego Lightfoot Sue and Other Stories , Tom Reamy.


Convergent Series , Larry Niven.
Eyes of Amber and Other Stories [Ojos de Ambar] , Joan D. Vinge.
The Stars Are the Styx [Las estrellas son la estigia] , Theodore Sturgeon.
Riverworld and Other Stories [El mundo del río y otras Historias] , Philip J. Farmer.
Fireflood and Other Stories [Torrente de fuego y otros relatos] , Vonda N. McIntyre.


The Persistence of Vision [La persistencia de la visión] , John Varley.
Strange Wine , Harlan Ellison.
Still I Persist in Wondering , Edgar Pangborn.
The Earth Book of Stormgate , Poul Anderson.
Infinite Dreams [Sueños infinitos] , Joe Haldeman.


A Song for Lya and Other Stories [Una Canción para Lya] , George R. R. Martin.
Star Light, Star Bright [Oh! luminosa y brillante estrella] , Alfred Bester.
The Worlds of Fritz Leiber , Fritz Leiber.
The Light Fantastic [La fantástica luz] , Alfred Bester.
The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories [El Hombre del bicentenario] , Isaac Asimov.


The Wind's Twelve Quarters [Las doce moradas del viento (I y II)] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
The Best of Cordwainer Smith [La dama muerta de Clown Town (Los Señores de la Instrumentalidad 2)] , Cordwainer Smith (au), J. J. Pierce, ed..
Deathbird Stories , Harlan Ellison.
Tales of Known Space [Historias del espacio reconocido] , Larry Niven.
Warm Worlds and Otherwise [Mundos Cálidos y Otros] , James Tiptree, Jr..


The Best of Fritz Leiber , Fritz Leiber.
A Hole in Space , Larry Niven.
The Best of Stanley G. Weinbaum [Lo mejor de Stanley G. Weinbaum] , Stanley G. Weinbaum.
Approaching Oblivion , Harlan Ellison.
The Book of Fritz Leiber , Fritz Leiber.