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SF Novel

Ancillary Mercy , Ann Leckie.
Seveneves [Seveneves. Siete Evas] , Neal Stephenson.
The Water Knife [Cuchillo de agua] , Paolo Bacigalupi.
Aurora [Aurora] , Kim Stanley Robinson.
A Borrowed Man , Gene Wolfe.
Luna: New Moon [Luna. Luna nueva] , Ian McDonald.
Radiance , Catherynne M. Valente.
Nemesis Games , James S. A. Corey.
The End of All Things , John Scalzi.
10º The Dark Forest , Cixin Liu.
11º Somewhither: Being the First Part of A Tale of the Unwithering Realm , John C. Wright.
12º Planetfall , Emma Newman.
13º The Book of Phoenix , Nnedi Okorafor.
14º Tracker , C. J. Cherryh .
15º Chasing the Phoenix , Michael Swanwick.
16º Galapagos Regained , James Morrow.
16º Dark Orbit , Carolyn Ives Gilman.
18º Going Dark , Linda Nagata.
19º Poseidon's Wake , Alastair Reynolds.
20º Persona , Genevieve Valentine.
21º Golden Son , Pierce Brown.
21º Agent of the Imperium , Marc Miller.
23º Europe at Midnight , Dave Hutchinson.
24º Red Rising , Pierce Brown.
25º Glorious Angels , Justina Robson.
26º The Thing Itself , Adam Roberts.
27º Weighing Shadows , Lisa Goldstein.

Fantasy Novel

Uprooted [Un cuento oscuro] , Naomi Novik.
The Fifth Season , N. K. Jemisin.
Karen Memory , Elizabeth Bear.
The House of Shattered Wings , Aliette de Bodard.
Wylding Hall , Elizabeth Hand.
The Buried Giant , Kazuo Ishiguro.
The Philosopher Kings , Jo Walton.
The Annihilation Score , Charles Stross.
Son of the Black Sword , Larry Correia.
10º The Aeronaut's Windlass , Jim Butcher.
11º Foxglove Summer , Ben Aaronovitch.
12º Slade House , David Mitchell.
13º Finders Keepers , Stephen King.
14º Empire Ascendant , Kameron Hurley.
15º Archivist Wasp , Nicole Kornher-Stace.
16º Beneath London , James P. Blaylock.
17º A God in Ruins , Kate Atkinson.
18º Savages , K. J. Parker.
19º Killing Pretty , Richard Kadrey.
20º Pacific Fire , Greg van Eekhout.
21º The Liminal War , Ayize Jama-Everett.
22º A Net of Dawn and Bones , C. Chancy.
23º Nightwise , R. S. Belcher.


Old Venus , George R. R. Martin & Gardner Dozois, eds..
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-second Annual Collection , Gardner Dozois, ed..
Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany , Nisi Shawl & Bill Campbell, eds..
Hanzai Japan: Fantastical, Futuristic Stories of Crime From and About Japan , Nick Mamatas & Masumi Washington, eds..
Meeting Infinity , Jonathan Strahan, ed..
Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology , Jeff VanderMeer & Ann VanderMeer, eds..
The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015 , Joe Hill & John Joseph Adams, eds..
There Will Be War: Volume X , Jerry Pournelle, ed..
The Doll Collection: Seventeen Brand-New Tales of Dolls , Ellen Datlow, ed..
10º The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume Nine , Jonathan Strahan, ed..
11º She Walks in Shadows , Silvia Moreno-Garcia & Paula R. Stiles, eds..
12º Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Inspired by Microsoft , Jennifer Henshaw & Allison Linn, eds..
13º Twelve Tomorrows , Bruce Sterling, ed..
14º Warrior Women , Paula Guran, ed..
15º The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Seven , Ellen Datlow, ed..
16º Operation Arcana , John Joseph Adams, ed..
17º Wilde Stories 2015 , Steve Berman, ed..
18º The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2015 , Rich Horton, ed..
19º The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2015 , Paula Guran, ed..
20º Year's Best Weird Fiction, Volume Two , Kathe Koja & Michael Kelly, eds..
21º Black Wings IV , S. T. Joshi, ed..
22º The Anatomy of Curiosity , Brenna Yovanoff, Tessa Gratton & Maggie Stiefvater, eds..


Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances [Material sensible] , Neil Gaiman.
Three Moments of an Explosion , China Miéville.
The Best of Gregory Benford , Gregory Benford.
Dancing Through the Fire , Tanith Lee.
The Best of Nancy Kress , Nancy Kress.
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms , George R. R. Martin.
Get in Trouble , Kelly Link.
Collected Fiction , Hannu Rajaniemi.
I Am Crying All Inside and Other Stories , Clifford D. Simak.
10º Falling in Love with Hominids , Nalo Hopkinson.
11º Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea , Caitlín R. Kiernan.
12º Bone Swans , C. S. E. Cooney.
13º Grand Crusades: The Early Jack Vance, Volume Five , Jack Vance.
14º The Very Best of Kate Elliott , Kate Elliott.
15º Hidden Folk , Eleanor Arnason.
16º Ghost Summer: Stories , Tananarive Due.
17º Reality by Other Means: The Best Short Fiction of James Morrow , James Morrow.
18º You Have Never Been Here , Mary Rickert.
19º Xeelee: Endurance , Stephen Baxter.
20º Leena Krohn: Collected Fiction , Leena Krohn.
21º To Hold the Bridge , Garth Nix.
22º The Finest Ass in the Universe , Anna Tambour.
23º The End of the End of Everything , Dale Bailey.

First Novel

The Grace of Kings [La gracia de los reyes] , Ken Liu.
Sorcerer to the Crown , Zen Cho.
Signal to Noise , Silvia Moreno-Garcia.
The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps , Kai Ashante Wilson.
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street , Natasha Pulley.
The Traitor Baru Cormorant , Seth Dickinson.
Vermilion , Molly Tanzer.
Agent of the Imperium , Marc Miller.
Archangel , Marguerite Reed.
10º Last Song Before Night , Ilana C. Myer.
11º The Devourers , Indra Das.
12º The Weave , Nancy Jane Moore.
13º Updraft , Fran Wilde.
14º Abomination , Gary Whitta.

Young Adult Book

The Shepherd's Crown , Terry Pratchett.
Half a War [Media guerra] , Joe Abercrombie.
Half the World [Medio mundo] , Joe Abercrombie.
Shadowshaper , Daniel José Older.
Harrison Squared , Daryl Gregory.
Nimona , Noelle Stevenson.
The Darkest Part of the Forest , Holly Black.
Six of Crows , Leigh Bardugo.
The Lie Tree , Frances Hardinge.
10º Zeroes , Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan & Deborah Biancotti.
11º Wonders of the Invisible World , Christopher Barzak.
12º Magonia , Maria Dahvana Headley.
13º Railhead , Philip Reeve.
14º Bone Gap , Laura Ruby.
15º The Deep Woods , Tim Pratt.
16º Hollowgirl , Sean Williams.
17º Carry On , Rainbow Rowell.
18º Lair of Dreams , Libba Bray.
19º The Walls Around Us , Nova Ren Suma.


Slow Bullets , Alastair Reynolds.
Penric's Demon , Lois McMaster Bujold.
Binti , Nnedi Okorafor.
The Citadel of Weeping Pearls , Aliette de Bodard.
The Four Thousand, The Eight Hundred , Greg Egan.
The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn , Usman T. Malik.
Waters of Versailles , Kelly Robson.
Teaching the Dog to Read , Jonathan Carroll.
Gypsy , Carter Scholz.
10º The Bone Swans of Amandale , C.S.E. Cooney.
11º The New Mother [Nueva madre] , Eugene Fischer.
12º Inhuman Garbage , Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
13º The Vital Abyss , James S. A. Corey.
14º Fear of the Unknown and Self-Loathing in Hollywood , Nick Cole.
15º The Last Witness , K. J. Parker.
16º Perfect State , Brandon Sanderson.
17º The Visible Filth , Nathan Ballingrud.
18º Johnny Rev , Rachel Pollack.
19º The Two Paupers , C. S. E. Cooney.
20º The Strangers , Robert Aickman.


Black Dog [Black Dog] , Neil Gaiman.
Folding Beijing , Hao Jingfang.
And You Shall Know Her by the Trail of Dead , Brooke Bolander.
Another Word for World , Ann Leckie.
The Heart's Filthy Lesson , Elizabeth Bear.
Botanica Veneris: Thirteen Papercuts by Ida Countess Rathangan , Ian McDonald.
So Much Cooking , Naomi Kritzer.
Flashpoint: Titan , CHEAH Kai Wai.
Jamaica Ginger , Nalo Hopkinson & Nisi Shawl.
10º Ruins , Eleanor Arnason.
11º Our Lady of the Open Road , Sarah Pinsker.
12º Machine Learning , Nancy Kress.
13º The Tumbledowns of Cleopatra Abyss , David Brin.
14º The Deepwater Bride , Tamsyn Muir.
15º The Long Goodnight of Violet Wild , Catherynne M. Valente.
16º Planet of Fear , Paul J. McAuley.
17º The Thyme Fiend , Jeffrey Ford.
18º What Price Humanity? , David VanDyke.
18º Empty , Robert Reed.
20º The Machine Starts , Greg Bear.
21º Fabulous Beasts , Priya Sharma.
22º Frost on Glass , Ian R. MacLeod.
23º Hyperspace Demons , Jonathan Moeller.
24º My Last Bringback , John Barnes.
25º Corpsemouth , John Langan.
26º Bannerless , Carrie Vaughn.
27º The Astrakhan, the Homburg and the Red Red Coal , Chaz Brenchley.
28º Obits , Stephen King.

Short Story

Cat Pictures Please , Naomi Kritzer.
The Dowager of Bees , China Miéville.
Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers , Alyssa Wong.
Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight [Tres tazas de aflicción a la luz de las estrellas] , Aliette de Bodard.
Madeleine , Amal El-Mohtar.
Seven Kill Tiger , Charles Shao.
Space Raptor Butt Invasion , Chuck Tingle.
The Game of Smash and Recovery , Kelly Link.
The Falls: A Luna Story , Ian McDonald.
10º City of Ash , Paolo Bacigalupi.
11º Rates of Change , James S. A. Corey.
12º Pocosin , Ursula Vernon.
13º If You Were an Award, My Love , Juan Tabo & S. Harris.
14º In Blue Lily's Wake , Aliette de Bodard.
15º Hello, Hello , Seanan McGuire.
16º The Pyramid of Krakow , Michael Swanwick.
16º The Winter Wraith , Jeffrey Ford.
18º The Apartment Dweller's Bestiary , Kij Johnson.
19º A Murmuration , Alastair Reynolds.
20º Telling Stories to the Sky , Eleanor Arnason.
21º The Commuter , Thomas A. Mays.
22º Today I Am Paul , Martin L. Shoemaker.
23º The Empress in Her Glory , Robert Reed.
24º Hold-Time Violations , John Chu.
25º Asymmetrical Warfare , S. R. Algernon.
26º Little Sisters , Vonda N. McIntyre.
27º Wild Honey , Paul McAuley.
28º The Lily and the Horn , Catherynne M. Valente.
29º When Your Child Strays From God , Sam J. Miller.
30º Capitalism in the 22nd Century or A.I.r. , Geoff Ryman.
31º Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World , Caroline M. Yoachim.
32º Hairwork , Gemma Files.
33º Please Undo This Hurt , Seth Dickinson.
34º Dancy vs the Pterosaur , Caitlín R. Kiernan.
35º Two-Year Man , Kelly Robson.
36º The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill , Kelly Robson.
37º Calved , Sam J Miller.
38º Consolation , John Kessel.

Non Fiction

Letters to Tiptree , Alexandra Pierce & Alisa Krasnostein, eds..
The Culture Series of Iain M. Banks: A Critical Introduction , Simone Caroti.
Ray Bradbury , David Seed.
Lois McMaster Bujold , Edward James.
Frederik Pohl , Michael R. Page.
SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police , Vox Day.
Between Light and Shadow: An Exploration of the Fiction of Gene Wolfe, 1951 to 1986 , Marc Aramini.
Conversations with Michael Chabon , Brannon Costello.
Crosstalk: Interviews Conducted by David Langford , David Langford.
10º The Unique Legacy of Weird Tales: The Evolution of Modern Fantasy and Horror , Justin Everett & Jeffrey H. Shanks, eds..

Art Book

Julie Dillon's Imagined Realms, Book 2: Earth and Sky , Julie Dillon.
Women of Wonder: Celebrating Women Creators of Fantastic Art , Cathy Fenner, ed..
Edward Gorey: His Book Cover Art & Design , Steven Heller, ed..
Spectrum 22: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art , John Fleskes, ed..
The Fantasy Illustration Library, Volume One: Lands & Legends , Malcolm R. Phifer & Michael C. Phifer.
The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History , Stephen Jones.
The Book of Giants , Petar Meseldžija.
White Cloud Worlds: Volume Three , Paul Tobin (N. Z.).
Evolution: The Art of Rebecca Guay 1993-2014 , Rebecca Guay.
10º The Art of Stephen Hickman: Empyrean , Stephen Hickman.
11º Idyl / I'm Age , Jeff Jones.
12º Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi , Anónimo.
13º Pareidolia: A Retrospective of Beloved and New Works by James Jean , James Jean.
14º Infected by Art: Volume Three , Todd Spoor & Bill Cox.


David G. Hartwell.
Ellen Datlow.
John Joseph Adams.
Gardner Dozois.
Jonathan Strahan.
Toni Weisskopf.
Ann VanderMeer & Jeff VanderMeer.
Neil Clarke.
Jerry Pournelle.
10º Sheila Williams.
11º Vox Day.
12º Charles Coleman Finlay.
13º Lynne M. Thomas.
14º Liz Gorinsky.
15º Patrick Nielsen Hayden.
16º Mike Braff.
17º Gavin J. Grant & Kelly Link.
18º Jim Minz.
19º Gordon Van Gelder.
20º Beth Meacham.
21º Betsy Wollheim.
22º Paula Guran.
23º Ginjer Buchanan.
24º William Schafer.
25º Anne Lesley Groell.
26º Teresa Nielsen Hayden.
27º Stephen Jones.
28º Niall Harrison.


Asimov's Science Fiction , Sheila Williams, ed..
Tor.com .
Fantasy & Science Fiction , Gordon Van Gelder, ed..
Clarkesworld Magazine , Neil Clarke, ed..
File 770 , Mike Glyer, ed..
Lightspeed Magazine , John Joseph Adams, ed..
Analog , Trevor Quachri, ed..
Black Gate , John O’Neill, ed..
Uncanny Magazine , Lynne M. Thomas, Michael Damian Thomas, Michi Trota, Erika Ensign & Steven Schapansky, eds..
10º Strange Horizons , Catherine Krahe, Julia Rios, A. J. Odasso, Vanessa Rose Phin, Maureen Kincaid Speller.
11º Beneath Ceaseless Skies , Scott H. Andrews, Nicole Lavigne & Kate Marshall, eds..
12º Interzone , Andy Cox, ed..
13º SF Signal , John DeNardo, ed..
14º Coode Street .
15º Sci Phi Journal , Jason Rennie, ed..
16º Subterranean .
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26º Galactic Suburbia .
27º Weird Tales .

Publisher / imprint

Tor .
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Subterranean Press .
Gollancz .
Ballantine .
Angry Robot .
Castalia House .
10º Small Beer Press .
11º Tachyon .
12º Ace .
13º PS Publishing .
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16º Night Shade Books .
17º ChiZine Publications .
18º Roc .
19º Aqueduct Press .
20º Centipede Press .
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22º Pyr .
23º Simon & Schuster .
24º Twelfth Planet Press .


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