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SF Novel

The Rise of Endymion [El ascenso de Endymion] , Dan Simmons.
Antarctica [Antártida] , Kim Stanley Robinson.
Forever Peace [Paz Interminable] , Joe Haldeman.
Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman [San Leibowitz y la Mujer Caballo Salvaje] , Walter M. Miller, Jr., with Terry Bisson.
Finity's End , C. J. Cherryh.
/ Slant [/ [Alt 47]] , Greg Bear.
Diaspora [Diáspora] , Greg Egan.
Fool's War , Sarah Zettel.
Titan , Stephen Baxter.
10º 3001: The Final Odyssey [3001: Odisea Final] , Arthur C. Clarke.
11º The Reality Dysfunction , Peter F. Hamilton.
12º God's Fires , Patricia Anthony.
13º Corrupting Dr. Nice [El amor en tiempos de los dinosaurios] , John Kessel.
14º Destiny's Road , Larry Niven.
15º Eternity Road , Jack McDevitt.
16º The Black Sun , Jack Williamson.
17º The Family Tree [El Árbol familiar] , Sheri S. Tepper.
18º Glimmering , Elizabeth Hand.
19º Secret Passages , Paul Preuss.
20º The Fleet of Stars , Poul Anderson.
21º Mississippi Blues , Kathleen Ann Goonan.
22º The Calcutta Chromosome. A novel of Fevers, Delirium and Discovery [El Cromosoma Calcuta] , Amitav Ghosh.
23º Tomorrow and Tomorrow [La odisea del mañana] , Charles Sheffield.
23º Dreaming Metal , Melissa Scott.
25º The Dazzle of Day , Molly Gloss.
26º Once a Hero , Elizabeth Moon.
27º Einstein's Bridge , John Cramer.
28º Deception Well , Linda Nagata.

Fantasy Novel

Earthquake Weather , Tim Powers.
Jack Faust , Michael Swanwick.
City on Fire , Walter Jon Williams.
The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass [La torre oscura IV. Mago y cristal] , Stephen King.
Assassin's Quest , Robin Hobb.
The Moon and the Sun [La Luna y el Sol] , Vonda N. McIntyre.
Freedom & Necessity , Steven Brust & Emma Bull.
Trader , Charles de Lint.
The Gift , Patrick O'Leary.
10º Winter Tides , James P. Blaylock.
11º The Subtle Knife [La daga] , Philip Pullman.
12º Rose Daughter , Robin McKinley.
13º Dogland , Will Shetterly.
14º King's Dragon [Los dragones del rey] , Kate Elliott.
15º Lord of the Isles , David Drake.
16º Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn , Robert Holdstock.
17º Running with the Demon , Terry Brooks.
18º The Mines of Behemoth , Michael Shea.
19º My Soul to Keep , Tananarive Due.
20º The Night Watch , Sean Stewart.
21º The Stars Dispose , Michaela Roessner.
22º The Blackgod , J. Gregory Keyes.


The Year's Best Science Fiction: Fourteenth Annual Collection , Gardner Dozois, ed..
The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: Tenth Annual Collection , Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds..
Year's Best SF 2 , David G. Hartwell, ed..
The Science Fiction Century , David G. Hartwell, ed..
Millennium , Douglas E. Winter, ed..
The Best of Interzone , David Pringle, ed..
Black Swan, White Raven , Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds..
The Horns of Elfland , Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman & Donald G. Keller, eds..
Nebula Awards 31 , Pamela Sargent, ed..
10º New Worlds , David S. Garnett, ed..
11º Bending the Landscape: Fantasy , Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel, eds..
12º Love in Vein II , Poppy Z. Brite & Martin H. Greenberg, eds..
13º The New Hugo Winners Volume IV , Gregory Benford & Martin H. Greenberg, eds..
14º Dying For It , Gardner Dozois, ed..
15º Black Mist and Other Japanese Futures , Orson Scott Card & Keith Ferrell, eds..
16º Modern Classics of Fantasy , Gardner Dozois, ed..
17º A Century of Science Fiction, 1950-1959 , Robert Silverberg, ed..


Slippage: Precariously Poised, Previously Uncollected Stories , Harlan Ellison.
His Share of Glory: The Complete Short Science Fiction of C.M. Kornbluth , C. M. Kornbluth.
Axiomatic [Axiomático] , Greg Egan.
Virtual Unrealities [Irrealidades virtuales] , Alfred Bester.
Think Like a Dinosaur and Other Stories , James Patrick Kelly.
Thunder and Roses: Volume IV: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon , Theodore Sturgeon.
Giant Bones , Peter S. Beagle.
Vacuum Diagrams , Stephen Baxter.
Going Home Again , Howard Waldrop.
10º The Pure Product , John Kessel.
11º Barnacle Bill the Spacer and Other Stories , Lucius Shepard.
12º The Forest of Time and Other Stories , Michael Flynn.
13º A Geography of Unknown Lands , Michael Swanwick.
14º Back in the USSA , Eugene Byrne & Kim Newman.
15º The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche and other odd acquaintances , Peter S. Beagle.
16º Exorcisms and Ecstasies , Karl Edward Wagner.
17º The Arbitrary Placement of Walls , Martha Soukup.
17º Voyages by Starlight , Ian R. MacLeod.
19º Eating Memories , Patricia Anthony.
20º Fractal Paisleys , Paul Di Filippo.
21º Fabulous Harbours , Michael Moorcock.

First Novel

The Great Wheel , Ian R. MacLeod.
Expendable , James Alan Gardner.
Black Wine , Candas Jane Dorsey.
An Exchange of Hostages , Susan R. Matthews.
Mars Underground , William K. Hartmann.
The Art of Arrow Cutting , Stephen Dedman.
The Merro Tree , Katie Waitman.
Lightpaths , Howard V. Hendrix.
A Thousand Words for Stranger , Julie E. Czerneda.
10º Waking Beauty , Paul Witcover.
11º The Troika , Stepan Chapman.
12º The Stone Prince , Fiona Patton.
13º Lives of the Monster Dogs , Kirsten Bakis.
14º Iron Dawn , Matthew Woodring Stover.
15º The Seventh Heart , Marina Fitch.
16º The Seraphim Rising , Elisabeth DeVos.


...Where Angels Fear to Tread [Donde los ángeles no se atreven] , Allen M. Steele.
Giant Bones , Peter S. Beagle.
The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich , Fritz Leiber.
Everything's Eventual [Todo es eventual] , Stephen King.
Marrow , Robert Reed.
The Golden Keeper , Ian R. MacLeod.
The Vampire's Beautiful Daughter , S. P. Somtow.
Ecopoiesis , Geoffrey A. Landis.
A Cold Dry Cradle , Gregory Benford & Elisabeth Malartre.
10º Messengers of Chaos , G. David Nordley.
11º Quinn's Deal , L. Timmel Duchamp.
12º The Black Blood of the Dead , Brian Stableford.
13º Coppola's Dracula , Kim Newman.
14º In the Furnace of the Night , James Sarafin.
15º The Veil of Snows , Mark Helprin.
16º The Funeral March of the Marionettes , Adam-Troy Castro.
17º Briar Rose , Robert Coover.
18º Izzy and the Father of Terror , Eliot Fintushel.


Newsletter [Boletín de noticias] , Connie Willis.
Moon Six , Stephen Baxter.
Lethe , Walter Jon Williams.
Galaxia , Gregory Benford.
Reasons to be Cheerful [Motivos para ser feliz] , Greg Egan.
Julie's Unicorn , Peter S. Beagle.
Mother Grasshopper , Michael Swanwick.
We Will Drink a Fish Together... [Vamos a beber un pescado] , Bill Johnson.
The Pipes of Pan , Brian Stableford.
10º Escape Route , Peter F. Hamilton.
11º Echoes , Alan Brennert.
12º Beauty in the Night , Robert Silverberg.
13º Blood and Judgment , John Brunner.
14º Second Skin [Segunda piel] , Paul J. McAuley.
15º Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream [Tres vistas sobre la existencia de culebras en el torrente sanguíneo humano] , James Alan Gardner.
16º London Bone [Hueso de Londres] , Michael Moorcock.
17º The Dragons of Springplace , Robert Reed.
18º El Castillo de la Perseverancia , Howard Waldrop.
19º After Kerry , Ian McDonald.
20º On the Ice Islands , Gregory Feeley.
21º The Undiscovered [Lo desconocido] , William Sanders.
22º Quinn's Way , Dale Bailey.
23º The Botanist , Mary Rosenblum.
24º Crossing Chao Meng Fu , G. David Nordley.
25º Residuals , Paul J. McAuley & Kim Newman.

Short Story

Itsy Bitsy Spider [La pequeña arañita] , James Patrick Kelly.
Scientifiction , Howard Waldrop.
Zemlya , Stephen Baxter.
The 43 Antarean Dynasties [Las 43 dinastías de Antares] , Mike Resnick.
Get a Grip [Contrólate] , Paul Park.
The Wisdom of Old Earth , Michael Swanwick.
On the Inside , Robert Silverberg.
No Planets Strike , Gene Wolfe.
Always True to Thee, in My Fashion , Nancy Kress.
10º Standing Room Only , Karen Joy Fowler.
11º The Hand You're Dealt , Robert J. Sawyer.
12º Glass Earth Inc. , Stephen Baxter.
13º Winter Fire , Geoffrey A. Landis.
14º Gulliver at Home , John Kessel.
15º An Office Romance [Amoríos de oficina] , Terry Bisson.
16º The Heart of Whitenesse , Howard Waldrop.
17º Flash Company , Gene Wolfe.
18º Orphanogenesis , Greg Egan.
19º Booming Ice , Robert Reed.

Non Fiction

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy , John Clute & John Grant, eds..
Reflections and Refractions: Thoughts on Science-Fiction, Science, and Other Matters , Robert Silverberg.
Isaac Asimov: The Foundations of Science Fiction, Revised Edition , James E. Gunn.
Outposts: Literatures of Milieux , Algis Budrys.
St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers , David Pringle, ed..
Bram Stoker's Dracula , Nina Auerbach & David J. Skal, eds..
Science Fiction After 1900: From the Steam Man to the Stars , Brooks Landon.
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales, Children, and the Culture Industry , Jack Zipes.
A Subtler Magick: The Writings and Philosopy of H.P. Lovecraft , S. T. Joshi.
10º Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index: 1992-1995 , Hal W. Hall, ed..

Art Book

Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art , Vincent Di Fate.
Spectrum 4: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art , Cathy Fenner & Arnie Fenner, eds., & Jim Loehr.
Something in My Eye: Excursions into Fear , Michael Whelan, Arnie Fenner & Cathy Fenner eds..
Repent Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman , Harlan Ellison, Rick Berry (il).
www HRGiger com , H. R. Giger.
The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass , Stephen King, Dave McKean (il).
A Treasury of Great Children's Book Illustrators , Susan E. Meyer.
The Veil of Snows , Mark Helprin, Chris Van Allsburg (il).


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Publisher (Book)

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