John W. Campbell Memorial Award

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SF Novel

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August [Las primeras quince vidas de Harry August] , Claire North.
A Darkling Sea , James L. Cambias.
The Three-Body Problem [El problema de los tres cuerpos] , Cixin Liu [translated by Ken Liu].
F The Race , Nina Allan.
F Europe in Autumn , Dave Hutchinson.
F Wolves , Simon Ings.
F The Peripheral , William Gibson.
F Afterparty , Daryl Gregory.
F Bête , Adam Roberts.
F Echopraxia , Peter Watts.
F Lock In , John Scalzi.
F The Bees , Laline Paull.
F Station Eleven [Estación once] , Emily St. John Mandel.
F The Southern Reach Trilogy [Aniquilación, Autoridad, Aceptación] , Jeff VanderMeer.
F The Martian [El marciano] , Andy Weir.
F Defenders , Will McIntosh.