Analog Readers Poll (AnLab)

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Valentina , Joseph H. Delaney & Marc Stiegler.
The Weigher , Eric Vinicoff & Marcia Martin.
Summer Solstice , Charles L. Harness.
Floodtide , Ben Bova.
Return to the Fold , Timothy Zahn.

Short Story

The Crystal Spheres [Las esferas de cristal] , David Brin.
Symphony for a Lost Traveler , Lee Killough.
A Thrrup for Teacher , Mary Caraker.
Teamwork , Timothy Zahn.
Winter Snow , Eric Vinicoff & Marcia Martin.
Low Midnight , Alison Tellure.
Rory , Steven Gould.
Slan Libh , Michael F. Flynn.

Fact Article

The Deadly Thing at 2.4 Kilo-parsecs , David Brin.
Advanced Machining in Ancient Egypt , Christopher P. Dunn.
Axes, Saws, and Alphabets , Margaret M. Bishop.
Xenopsychology , Robert A. Freitas, Jr..
The Galaxy Before Man , Thomas Donaldson.


Portada de "Analog May 1984"; ilustración de "The Peace War, Vernor Vinge" , Vincent Di Fate.
Portada de "Analog Mar 1984"; ilustración de "Floodtide, Ben Bova" , Tom Kidd.
Portada de "Analog Jul 1984"; ilustración de "Saturn Alia, David A. Hardy" , David A. Hardy.
Portada de "Analog Oct 1984"; ilustración de "The Weigher, Eric Vinicoff & Marcia Martin" , Doug Beekman.
Portada de "Analog Dec 1984"; ilustración de "Elemental, Geoffrey A. Landis" , Jack Gaughan.