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Pawn's Gambit , Timothy Zahn.
Collaboration , Mark C. Jarvis.
Green-Eyed Lady, Laughing Lady , Alison Tellure.
Brainchild , Joseph H. Delaney.
The Scourge , James White.
My Brother's Keeper , Joseph H. Delaney.

Short Story

Melancholy Elephants [Elefantes melancólicos] , Spider Robinson.
Garden of the Cognoscenti , Michael P. Kube-McDowell.
Walk with Me , Rob Chilson.
Schrödinger's Plague [La plaga de Shröedinger] , Greg Bear.
Who Will Guard the Guardians? , Catherine McCollum & Michael McCollum.

Fact Article

New Communications Technologies and the Developing World , Arthur C. Clarke.
Exploring the Asteroids , Joel A. Davis.
Alien Sex , Robert A. Freitas, Jr..
Space Transportation: You Can Get There From Here! , Gordon R. Woodcock.
The Inner Five , George W. Harper.


Portada de "Analog Jul 1982"; ilustración de "Rings of Glory, Thomas R. Dulski" , Rick Sternbach.
Portada de "Analog Feb 1982"; ilustración de "Courtship Rite, Donald Kingsbury" , Val Lakey.
Portada de "Analog Aug 1982"; ilustración de "Rails Across the Galaxy, Richard K. Lyon & Andrew J. Offutt" , Frank Kelly Freas.
Portada de "Analog mid-Sep 1982"; ilustración de "He Who Fights and Runs Away, Sam Nicholson" , Paul Lehr.
Portada de "Analog Sep 1982"; ilustración de "The Manna Hunt, Charles Sheffield" , Vincent Di Fate.