Analog Readers Poll (AnLab)

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One-Wing [Un-ala] , Lisa Tuttle & George R. R. Martin.
Anasazi , Dean Ing.
World in the Clouds , Bob Buckley.


Nightflyers [Nómadas nocturnos] , George R. R. Martin.
The Cloak and the Staff [La capa y la vara] , Gordon R. Dickson.
Savage Planet , Barry B. Longyear.
Scholar's Cluster , George O. Smith.
Have You Heard the One…? , Spider Robinson.

Short Story

Grotto of the Dancing Deer [La gruta de los ciervos danzarines] , Clifford D. Simak.
The Touch of Their Eyes , Steven Gould.
The Bully and the Crazy Boy , Marc Stiegler.
Meeting of Minds , Ted Reynolds.
Scrooge in Space , Sam Nicholson.


Demythologizing the Black Hole , Richard Matzner, Tsvi Piran & Tony Rothman.
A Taste of Dragon's Egg , Robert L. Forward.
Death Risk , Milton A. Rothman.
Man's Biological Future , L. Sprague de Camp.
Steamer Time (Again?) , Wallace West.


Portada de "Analog Jan 1980"; ilustración de "One-Wing, George R. R. Martin & Lisa Tuttle" , Paul Lehr.
Portada de "Analog Feb 1980"; ilustración de "Savage Planet, Barry B. Longyear" , Frank Kelly Freas.
Portada de "Analog Mar 1980"; ilustración de "World in the Clouds, Bob Buckle" , Vincent Di Fate.
Portada de "Analog Apr 1980"; ilustración de "Nightflyers, George R. R. Martin" , Paul Lehr.