Analog Readers Poll (AnLab)

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Titan [Titán] , John Varley.
Class Six Climb , William E. Cochrane.
The Visitors , Clifford D. Simak.


Songhouse [La casa del canto] , Orson Scott Card.
The Locusts , Larry Niven & Steve Barnes.
The Moon Goddess and the Son [La diosa de la luna y el hijo] , Donald Kingsbury.
Beer Run , Michael McCollum.
Duty, Honor, Planet , Michael McCollum.

Short Story

Can These Bones Live? , Ted Reynolds.
Breaking the Game [Las reglas del juego] , Orson Scott Card.
In Adam's Fall , Jayge Carr.
Old Friends , Kevin O'Donnell, Jr..
...And Master of One , Ian Stewart.


Build Your Own A-Bomb and Wake Up the Neighborhood , George W. Harper.
The Spaceport , Roger D. Arnold & Donald Kingsbury.
Funding the Future , M. David Stone.
Future Food , David Ritchie.
American Enthusiasm for Spaceflight , William Sims Bainbridge & Richard Wyckoff.


Portada de "Analog Jan 1979" , Paul Lehr.
Portada de "Analog Dec 1979"; ilustración de "The Moon Goddess and the Son, Donald Kingsbury" , Vincent Di Fate.
Portada de "Analog Jul 1979"; ilustración de "Apollo 11: Tenth Anniversary" , Robert McCall.