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Stardance II , Spider Robinson & Jeanne Robinson.
The Outcasts of Heaven Belt [Los proscritos del cinturón de cielo] , Joan D. Vinge.


Fireship [Nave de fuego] , Joan D. Vinge.
Mikal's Songbird [El pájaro cantor de Mikal] , Orson Scott Card.
Starships in Whose Future? , Sam Nicholson.
Hunter's Moon [La Luna del cazador] , Poul Anderson.
To Bring In the Steel , Donald Kingsbury.

Short Story

Lifeloop [Segmento de vida] , Orson Scott Card.
The Great Gray Dolphin , Ben Schumacher.
Fixed Price War , Charles Sheffield.
View From a Height [Panorama desde una altura] , Joan D. Vinge.
The Man Who Was Heavily Into Revenge [El hombre ansioso de venganza] , Harlan Ellison.

Science Fact

This Space for Rent , Joe Haldeman.
Salute to Salyut , James E. Oberg.
The Disposal of Nuclear Waste in Space: Will It , Michael McCollum.