World Fantasy Awards

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Ysabel [Ysabel] , Guy Gavriel Kay.
F Territory , Emma Bull.
F Gospel of the Knife , Will Shetterly.
F Fangland [Tierra de vampiros] , John Marks.
F The Servants , Michael Marshall Smith.


Illyria , Elizabeth Hand.
F The Master Miller's Tale , Ian R. MacLeod.
F Cold Snap , Kim Newman.
F Stars Seen Through Stone , Lucius Shepard.
F The Mermaids , Robert Edric.

Short Fiction

Singing of Mount Abora , Theodora Goss.
F The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park After the Change , Kij Johnson.
F Damned if you Don't , Robert Shearman.
F The Church on the Island , Simon Kurt Unsworth.
F The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairy Tale of Economics , Daniel Abraham.


Inferno: New Tales of Terror and the Supernatural , Ellen Datlow, ed..
F The Coyote Road: Trickster Tales , Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds..
F Five Strokes to Midnight , Gary A. Braunbeck & Hank Schwaeble, eds..
F Wizards: Magical Tales From The Masters of Modern Fantasy , Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, eds..
F Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories , John Klima, ed..


Tiny Deaths , Robert Shearman.
F The Secret Files of the Diogenes Club , Kim Newman.
F Hart & Boot & Other Stories , Tim Pratt.
F Plots and Misadventures , Stephen Gallagher.
F Dagger Key and Other Stories , Lucius Shepard.
F Portable Childhoods , Ellen Klages.


Edward Miller [Les Edwards].
F John Picacio.
F Stephan Martiniere.
F Mikko Kinnunen.
F Ruan Jia.

Special Award [Professional]

Peter Crowther. [ for PS Publishing ]
F Shawna McCarthy. [ for Realms of Fantasy ]
F Gordon Van Gelder. [ for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction ]
F Alan Beatts & Jude Feldman. [ for Borderlands Books ]
F Chris Roberson & Allison Baker [for MonkeyBrain Books] .
F Jeremy Lassen & Jason Williams. [ for Night Shade Books ]

Special Award [Non-Professional]

Midori Snyder & Terri Windling [for Endicott Studios Website] .
F John Klima. [ for Electric Velocipede ]
F G. S. Evans & Alice Whittenburg [for Cafe Irreal] .
F Travellers in Darkness: The Souvenir Book of the World Horror Convention 2007 , Stephen Jones, ed..
F R. B. Russell & Rosalie Parker. [ for Tartarus Press ]

Life Achievement

Patricia A. McKillip.
Leo Dillon & Diane Dillon.