World Fantasy Awards

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Thraxas , Martin Scott (Martin Millar).
F Tamsin [Tamsin] , Peter S. Beagle.
F The Rainy Season , James P. Blaylock.
F A Witness To Life , Terence M. Green.
F Gardens of the Moon [Los jardines de la Luna] , Steven Erikson.
F A Red Heart of Memories , Nina Kiriki Hoffman.


Sky Eyes , Laurel Winter.
The TranSFormation of Martin Lake , Jeff VanderMeer.
F The Winds of Marble Arch [Los vientos de Marble Arch] , Connie Willis.
F Crocodile Rock , Lucius Shepard.
F Scarlet and Gold , Tanith Lee.
F The Wizard Retires , Michael Meddor.

Short Fiction

The Chop Girl , Ian R. MacLeod.
F The Parwat Ruby , Delia Sherman.
F The Dynasters Vol. 1: On the Downs , Howard Waldrop.
F Human Bay , Robert Reed.
F Amerikanski Dead at the Moscow Morgue , Kim Newman.
F The Grammarian's Five Daughters , Eleanor Arnason.
F Naming the Dead , Paul J. McAuley.


Silver Birch, Blood Moon , Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds..
F Northern Frights 5 , Don Hutchison, ed..
F Dark Detectives: Adventures of the Supernatural Sleuths , Stephen Jones, ed..
F 999: New Stories of Horror and Suspense , Al Sarrantonio, ed..
F The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: Twelfth Annual Collection , Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds..


Reave the Just and Other Tales , Stephen R. Donaldson.
Moonlight and Vines , Charles de Lint.
F Necromancies and Netherworlds , Darrell Schweitzer & Jason Van Hollander.
F Hearts in Atlantis [Corazones en la Atlántida] , Stephen King.
F Deep Into that Darkness Peering , Tom Piccirilli.


Jason Van Hollander.
F Bob Eggleton.
F Edward Miller [Les Edwards].
F Stephen Fabian.

Special Award [Professional]

Gordon Van Gelder. [ for editing (St. Martin's and F&SF ]
F The Essential Monster Movie Guide , Stephen Jones.
F Kim Newman. [ for Millennium Movies ]
F Warren Lapine. [ for DNA Publications ]
F John Betancourt. [ for Wildside Press ]
F Seamus Heaney [for the new translation of Beowulf] .

Special Award [Non-Professional]

The British Fantasy Society .
F Rosemary Pardoe. [ for The Haunted Library ]
F R. B. Russell. [ for Tartarus Press ]
F William K. Schafer. [ for Subterranean Press ]
F Dwayne Olson, Peder Wagtskjold, Scott Wyatt [for Fedogan & Bremer] .
F Ken Abner. [ for Terminal Fright Press ]

Life Achievement

Michael Moorcock.
Marion Zimmer Bradley.