World Fantasy Awards

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Our Lady of Darkness [Nuestra señora de las tinieblas] , Fritz Leiber.
F The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever [La ruina del amo execrable, La guerra de Illearth, El poder que preserva] , Stephen R. Donaldson.
F The Hour of the Oxrun Dead , Charles L. Grant.

Short Fiction

The Chimney [La Chimenea] , Ramsey Campbell.
F Jeffty Is Five [Jeffty tiene cinco años] , Harlan Ellison.
F When All the Children Call My Name , Charles L. Grant.
F Loveman's Comeback , Ramsey Campbell.
F Manatee Gal, Ain't You Coming Out Tonight , Avram Davidson.
F The Bagful of Dreams [El saco de sueños] , Jack Vance.

Anthology / Collection

Murgunstrumm and Others , Hugh B. Cave.
F Whispers , Stuart David Schiff, ed..
F Swords and Ice Magic [Espadas y magia helada] , Fritz Leiber.
F Cold Chills , Robert Bloch.
F Year's Best Horror Stories V , Gerald W. Page, ed..


Lee Brown Coye.
F Michael Whelan.
F Stephen Fabian.
F Tim Kirk.

Special Award [Professional]

Everett F. Bleiler.
F Donald A. Wollheim.
F Edward L. Ferman.
F Ballantine/Del Rey .

Special Award [Non-Professional]

Robert Weinberg.
F Stephen Jones.
F Harry O. Morris.
F Jonathan Bacon.
F W. Paul Ganley.
F Garry Hoppenstand.

Life Achievement

Frank Belknap Long, Jr..

Convention Award

Glenn Lord.