World Fantasy Awards

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1979 1978 1977 1976 1975


The Forgotten Beasts of Eld , Patricia A. McKillip.
F A Midsummer Tempest , Poul Anderson.
F Merlin's Ring , H. Warner Munn.

Short Fiction

Pages from a Young Girl's Journal [Páginas del diario de una adolescente] , Robert Aickman.
F Sticks [Estacas] , Karl Edward Wagner.
F A Father's Tale [Un cuento de padre] , Sterling E. Lanier.
F The Events at Poroth Farm , T. E. D. Klein.

Anthology / Collection

Worse Things Waiting , Manly Wade Wellman.
F From Evil's Pillow , Basil Copper.


Lee Brown Coye.
F Jeff Jones.
F Stephen Fabian.
F Tim Kirk.
F Gervasio Gallardo.

Special Award [Professional]

Ian & Betty Ballantine.
F Donald A. Wollheim.

Special Award [Non-Professional]

Stuart David Schiff.
F Harry O. Morris.
F Roy A. Squires.

Life Achievement

Robert Bloch.