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Stealing Alabama [El motín de la Alabama] , Allen M. Steele.
deck.halls@boughs/holly [deck.halls@boughs/holly] , Connie Willis.
The Caravan from Troon [La caravana de Troon] , Kage Baker.
The Chief Designer , Andy Duncan.
Coming to Coyote , Allen M. Steele.
Moby Quilt , Eleanor Arnason.
Shady Lady [La dama oscura] , R. Garcia y Robertson.
The Mystery of Laura Molson , L. Timmel Duchamp.
Female Action , Eliot Fintushel.


Into Greenwood , Jim Grimsley.
Undone [Deshecho] , James Patrick Kelly.
The Days Between [Tiempo muerto] , Allen M. Steele.
Lincoln in Frogmore , Andy Duncan.
The Applesauce Monster , Kage Baker.
Seven Times Never , Robert R. Chase.
Lobsters [Langostas] , Charles Stross.
Ice and Mirrors , Brenda Cooper & Larry Niven.
Monster Story , Kage Baker.
Computer Virus [Virus informático] , Nancy Kress.
10º Liberty Journals , Allen M. Steele.

Short Story

Old MacDonald Had a Farm [La granja del viejo McDonald] , Mike Resnick.
The Ghost Pit [El pozo fantasma] , Stephen Baxter.
Cut [Ablación] , Megan Lindholm.
The Dog Said Bow-Wow [El perro dijo guau-guau] , Michael Swanwick.
The Infodict , James Van Pelt.
The Cold Sink [El sumidero frío] , Stephen Baxter.
Exclusion , Daniel Abraham.
Prisoner Exchange , Lois Tilton.
Studio Dick Drowns Near Malibu , Kage Baker.
10º The Dust Enclosed Here , Kage Baker.


January Fires , Joe Haldeman.
Ways to Tell if Your Cat Is a Space Alien [Modos de saber si tu gato es un alienígena] , Geoffrey A. Landis.
Ten Things Not to Say When You Meet a Famous SF Writer , Bruce Boston.
All I Want for Christmas , Robert Frazier & James Patrick Kelly.
The Reluctant Astronaut , Linda Addison.
Gulliver's Books [Las botas de Gulliver] , Geoffrey A. Landis.
We Die as Angels , William John Watkins.
More Ways to Tell if Your Cat Is a Space Alien [Más maneras de saber si tu gato es un alienígena] , Mary A. Turzillo.
How to Detect a Ghost [Cómo detectar a un fantasma] , G. O. Clark.
Bacchanal [Bacanal] , Tim Pratt.
Unreal Messages? , Ian Watson.
10º Incident [Incidente] , Tim Pratt.

Cover Artist

Michael Carroll.
Ron Miller.
Arthur Roberg .
Fred Gambino.
Aldo Spadoni .
Dominic Harman.
Michael Koelsch.
Don Dixon.

Interior Artist

Darryl Elliott.
Alan Giana .
Laurie Harden .
Alan Gutierrez.
Steve Cavallo .
Janet Aulisio.
Mark Evans .
John Stevens .
June Levine .
Michael Carroll.
10º Gary Gray .