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Hunting the Snark , Mike Resnick.
The Executioners' Guild , Andy Duncan.
Forty, Counting Down , Harry Turtledove.
Argonautica , Walter Jon Williams.
The Winds of Marble Arch [Los vientos de Marble Arch] , Connie Willis.
The Wedding Album , David Marusek.
Son Observe the Time , Kage Baker.
The Exile of Evening Star , Allen M. Steele.
Dapple: A Hwarhath Historical Romance , Eleanor Arnason.
10º Baby's Fire , Robert Reed.


The Chop Girl , Ian R. MacLeod.
A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows , Gardner R. Dozois.
Diana by Starlight , R. Garcia y Robertson.
1016 to 1 , James Patrick Kelly.
The Alien , Rick Shelley.
Dragons' Teeth , Lois Tilton.
A Martian Romance [Un romance marciano] , Kim Stanley Robinson.
Stellar Harvest , Eleanor Arnason.
Cabbages and Kales, Or, How We Downsized North America , David Marusek.
The Window , Judith Berman.
10º Angels of Ashes , Alastair Reynolds.

Short Story

Ancient Engines , Michael Swanwick.
Evolution Never Sleeps , Elisabeth Malartre.
Arthur Sternbach Brings the Curveball to Mars [Arthur Sternback lleva la pelota con efecto a Marte] , Kim Stanley Robinson.
Scherzo with Tyrannosaur [Scherzo con tiranosaurio] , Michael Swanwick.
Hothouse Flowers [Flores de invernadero] , Mike Resnick.
Yurek Rutz, Yurek Rutz, Yurek Rutz , David Marusek.
Riding the Giganotosaur , Michael Swanwick.
Into the Blue Abyss , Geoffrey A. Landis.
Dirty Little Cowards , William Sanders.
10º Human Bay , Robert Reed.


Christmas (after we all got time machines) , Geoffrey A. Landis.
Beware the Werecanary! , Bruce Boston.
When an Alien Is Inhabiting Your Body , Laurel Winter.
Curse of the Fantasy Writer's Wife , Bruce Boston.
Atlantis , Gustaf Fröding, [translated by Judith Moffett].
Butterside Down , William John Watkins.
Down in Your Bones Only You Alone Know , Bruce Boston.
Another Short Horror Story , Bruce Boston.
Mathematical Limericks , Bruce Boston.
Curse of the Incubus' Wife , Bruce Boston.
Eisenberg Haiku , Timons Esaias.
10º Dog Star , Joe Haldeman.

Cover Artist

Jim Burns.
Kim Poor.
Bob Walters.
Frank Kelly Freas.
Nicholas Jainschigg.
Michael Carroll.
Mark Garlick .
Don Dixon.
John Foster .

Interior Artist

Darryl Elliott.
David Michael Beck .
Laurie Harden .
Alan Giana .
Frank Kelly Freas.
Shirley Chan Levi.
Mark Evans .
Steve Cavallo .
Wolf Read.
10º George H. Krauter.