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Oceanic [Oceánico] , Greg Egan.
The Summer Isles [Las islas del verano] , Ian R. MacLeod.
Sea Change, with Monsters , Paul J. McAuley.
Ancestral Voices , Gardner Dozois & Michael Swanwick.
The Days of Solomon Gursky , Ian McDonald.
A Question of Grammar , L. Timmel Duchamp.
Grist , Tony Daniel.
Get Me to the Church on Time , Terry Bisson.
Mother Death , Robert Reed.


Echea , Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
Taklamakan [Taklamakan] , Bruce Sterling.
Starfall , R. Garcia y Robertson.
Steamship Soldier on the Information Front , Nancy Kress.
Approaching Perimelasma , Geoffrey A. Landis.
Lovestory , James Patrick Kelly.
Waiting for the End , Robert Silverberg.
Down in the Dark , William Barton.
The Eye of God , Mary Rosenblum.
10º Crucifixion Variations , Lawrence Person.

Short Story

Radiant Doors , Michael Swanwick.
The Stubbornest Broad on Earth , Janet Kagan.
The Very Pulse of the Machine , Michael Swanwick.
Archaic Planets: Nine Excerpts from the Encyclopedia Galactica , Michael Swanwick & Sean Swanwick.
Through the Wall to the Eggshell Lake , Danith McPherson.
Radio Praha , Tony Daniel.
Building the Building of the World , Robert Reed.
Fruitcake Theory , James Patrick Kelly.
Dante Dreams , Stephen Baxter.
17 , Paul J. McAuley.
10º Scientifiction , Howard Waldrop.
10º The Game This Year , Lisa Goldstein.


egg horror poem , Laurel Winter.
The Hunter's Mothers , Mary A. Turzillo.
Curse of the SF Editor's Wife , Bruce Boston.
Willy in the Nano-Lab , Geoffrey A. Landis.
Black Hole, Black Hole , W. Gregory Stewart.
Curse of the Super-Hero's Wife , Bruce Boston.
The Genetic Engineer Throws a Cocktail Party and Drinks Too Much , Andy Duncan.
Gravity Drives the Blood and Bends the Light , Bruce Boston.
Recipe for a Planck Sandwich , W. Gregory Stewart.
Human/Technological Dimensions on the Eve of the Bimillennium , Bruce Boston.
November , Wendy Rathbone.
Particle Resonance , David Lunde.
Colonists , William John Watkins.
10º Eating the Mystery , Robert Frazier & James Patrick Kelly.

Cover Artist

John Foster .
Bob Eggleton.
Michael Carroll.
Jim Burns.
Gary Freeman.
Wojtek Siudmak.
Ron Walotsky.
Joel Shabram .

Interior Artist

Alan Giana .
Darryl Elliott.
Laurie Harden .
Mark Evans .
Steve Cavallo .
George H. Krauter.
Jeff Crosby .
John Stevens .
Beryl Bush.
Jason Eckhardt.
10º Kandis Elliot.