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...Where Angels Fear to Tread [Donde los ángeles no se atreven] , Allen M. Steele.
Messengers of Chaos , G. David Nordley.
In the Furnace of the Night , James Sarafin.
Quinn's Deal , L. Timmel Duchamp.
The Golden Keeper , Ian R. MacLeod.
Izzy and the Father of Terror , Eliot Fintushel.


We Will Drink a Fish Together... [Vamos a beber un pescado] , Bill Johnson.
Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream [Tres vistas sobre la existencia de culebras en el torrente sanguíneo humano] , James Alan Gardner.
The Undiscovered [Lo desconocido] , William Sanders.
Lethe , Walter Jon Williams.
The Flag on Gorbachev Crater , Charles L. Harness.
One Good Juror , Mary Rosenblum & James Sarafin.
Newsletter [Boletín de noticias] , Connie Willis.
Guest Law , John C. Wright.
House of Dreams , Michael F. Flynn.
On the Ice Islands , Gregory Feeley.
Blood and Judgment , John Brunner.
10º Death Do Us Part , Robert Silverberg.

Short Story

The 43 Antarean Dynasties [Las 43 dinastías de Antares] , Mike Resnick.
Payback , Sonia Orin Lyris.
Always True to Thee, in My Fashion , Nancy Kress.
The Holy Stomper vs. the Alien Barrel of Death , Rick Neube.
The Nostalginauts , S. N. Dyer.
Itsy Bitsy Spider [La pequeña arañita] , James Patrick Kelly.
After I Killed Her , Tanith Lee.
The Language of Ghosts , Michael H. Payne.
Zemlya , Stephen Baxter.
Black Canoes , Tony Daniel.
Beluthahatchie , Andy Duncan.
Never Despair [Nunca desfallezcáis] , Jack McDevitt.
Winter Fire , Geoffrey A. Landis.
Killed in the Ratings , Daniel Marcus.
10º Ouroboros , Geoffrey A. Landis.


why goldfish shouldn't use power tools , Laurel Winter.
Report to Moctezuma , Steven Utley.
In the Star's Mouth , W. Gregory Stewart.
A Reflection on the Apollo Moon Missions , Robert Frazier.
System Crash , Peg Healy.
Curse of Medusa's Husband , Bruce Boston.
Our Brave Terranaut , Steven Utley.
17 Questions the Judges at Nuremberg Forgot to Ask , William John Watkins.
On Distance , Sandra J. Lindow.
10º Why the Mummy Kills , William John Watkins.

Cover Artist

Chris Moore.
Bob Eggleton.
Don Dixon.
Michael Carroll.
Gary Freeman.
Kim Poor.
Kinuko Y. Craft.

Interior Artist

Darryl Elliott.
Steve Cavallo .
Laurie Harden .
John Stevens .
Dwayne V. Wright .
Janet Aulisio.
Anthony Bari .
Mike Aspengren .
Nicholas Jainschigg.
10º Bob Eggleton.