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Gas Fish , Mary Rosenblum.
Time Travelers Never Die [Los viajeros del tiempo nunca mueren] , Jack McDevitt.
Blood of the Dragon [Sangre de dragón] , George R. R. Martin.
Chrysalis , Robert Reed.
The Robot's Twilight Companion , Tony Daniel.
The City of God , Gardner Dozois & Michael Swanwick.
Human History , Lucius Shepard.
Swimmers Beneath the Skin , Ian R. MacLeod.
The Road to Reality , Phillip C. Jennings.


The Flowers of Aulit Prison , Nancy Kress.
Age of Aquarius , William Barton.
A Dry, Quiet War , Tony Daniel.
Beauty and the Opera or the Phantom Beast , Suzy McKee Charnas.
The Land of Nod , Mike Resnick.
Mountain Ways [Las costumbres de la montaña] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
The Edge of the Universe , Terry Bisson.
Cloud Cuckoo , Charles Sheffield.
Pyros , George M. Ewing.
The Peacock Throne , Charles Sheffield.
10º The Miracle of Ivar Avenue , John Kessel.

Short Story

Decency , Robert Reed.
On Sequoia Time , Daniel Keys Moran.
The Soul Selects Her Own Society: Invasion and Repulsion: A Chronological Reinterpretation of Two of Emily Dickinson's Poems: A Wellsian Perspective [El alma escoge su propia compañía] , Connie Willis.
The Joys of the Sidereal Long Distance Runner , Tony Daniel.
The Last Sunset , Geoffrey A. Landis.
Gifts , S. N. Dyer.
Cider , Tom Purdom.
In Coppelius's Toyshop [En la tienda de juguetes de Coppelius] , Connie Willis.
Community , Gardner Dozois.
Mortal Clay , S. N. Dyer.
10º Breakaway, Backdown , James Patrick Kelly.


Curse of the Science Fiction Writer's Wife , Bruce Boston.
Star-Rigger , David Lunde.
This Neat Sheet , James Tiptree, Jr..
The Year of the Dragon , Karawynn Long.
Pendragon , William John Watkins.
This Is Just to Say , Mary A. Turzillo.
Dinosaurs May Be Ancestors of More Than Birds , Mary A. Turzillo.
The Robots' Wasteland , William John Watkins.
time , Danny Daniels.
Astronaut Boneyard , Wendy Rathbone.
Love Song of the Holo-Celebs , Bruce Boston.
Day Omega , W. Gregory Stewart.
Dragon Skin , W. Gregory Stewart.
Dodoes , Steven Utley.
In Memoriam: For a Colleague, Departed , Tom Disch.
10º Pteranodon , Steven Utley.

Cover Artist

Wojtek Siudmak.
Bob Eggleton.
Paul Youll.
Fred Gambino.
Kinuko Y. Craft.
Todd Lockwood.
Keith Scaife.

Interior Artist

Darryl Elliott.
Laurie Harden .
Steve Cavallo .
John Stevens .
Todd Lockwood.
George H. Krauter.
Ron Chironna .
Alan M. Clark.
Dell Harris.
10º Mike Aspengren .