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Dancing on Air [Bailando en el aire] , Nancy Kress.
Cold Iron , Michael Swanwick.
The Consort , Isaac Asimov.
Down the River , R. Garcia y Robertson.
Kamehameha's Bones , Kathleen Ann Goonan.
Sister Alice , Robert Reed.
An American Childhood , Pat Murphy.
Ice Atlantis [Helada Atlantis] , Valerie J. Freireich.
Stairway , Mary Rosenblum.
10º The Last Castle of Christmas , Alexander Jablokov.


Inn [Posada] , Connie Willis.
Beneath the Stars of Winter , Geoffrey A. Landis.
Death on the Nile [Muerte en el Nilo] , Connie Willis.
Deep Eddy [Deep Eddy] , Bruce Sterling.
Winter Flowers , Tanith Lee.
Cush , Neal Barrett, Jr..
Papa , Ian R. MacLeod.
The Undifferentiated Object of Desire , Ian McDonald.
One Morning in the Looney Bin , Maggie Flinn.
The Shadow Knows , Terry Bisson.
10º Chemistry , James Patrick Kelly.
10º Microde City , Jim Young.

Short Story

Martin on a Wednesday , Nancy Kress.
More Things in Heaven and Earth [Hay más cosas en el Cielo y en la Tierra] , Isaac Asimov.
River Man , Michael H. Payne.
'White!' Said Fred , Esther M. Friesner.
The Country Doctor , Steven Utley.
Tagging the Moon , S. P. Somtow.
In the Hole with the Boys with the Toys , Geoffrey A. Landis.
Close Encounter [Encuentro cercano] , Connie Willis.
Mwalimu in the Squared Circle [Mwalimu en el cuatrilátero] , Mike Resnick.
Being Human [Siendo humano] , Mark Bourne.
Snow Scene with Frozen Rabbit , William John Watkins.
Some Old Lover's Ghost [El fantasma de una antigua amante] , Ian McDowell.
Roadkill , Sage Walker.
10º The Murderer , Lawrence Watt-Evans.


Curse of the Shapeshifter's Wife , Bruce Boston.
Curse of the Telepath's Wife , Bruce Boston.
If Angels Ate Apples , Geoffrey A. Landis.
if you loved me , Mary A. Turzillo.
The Time Tour Stops at My House After Lunch , William John Watkins.
Curse of the Angel's Wife , Bruce Boston.
Solo , Joe Haldeman.
Some Personal Pronouns , Tom Disch.
Downtime on Digger's World , William John Watkins.
10º The Dusts of Palamon Are Bliss , William John Watkins.

Cover Artist

Wojtek Siudmak.
Keith Parkinson.
Jim Burns.
Mark Harrison.
Lee MacLeod .
Gary Freeman.
Todd Lockwood.
Chris Moore.
Wayne Barlowe.
E. T. Steadman .
10º Daniel Kirk .

Interior Artist

Steve Cavallo .
Laurie Harden .
Gary Freeman.
Alan M. Clark.
Ron Chironna .
George H. Krauter.
Laura Lakey .
Janet Aulisio.
Pat Morrissey .
Carol Heyer.
10º Beryl Bush.