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Barnacle Bill the Spacer [Bill Percebe, el espacial] , Lucius Shepard.
Cleon the Emperor [Cleon, el emperador] , Isaac Asimov.
Synthesis , Mary Rosenblum.
Outnumbering the Dead , Frederik Pohl.
Grownups , Ian R. MacLeod.
Griffin's Egg , Michael Swanwick.
Her Girl Friday [Su segura servidora] , John Varley.
Crux Gammata , J. R. Dunn.
Protection [Protección] , Maureen F. McHugh.
Gypsy Trade , R. Garcia y Robertson.
10º The Virgin and the Dinosaur [La virgen y el dinosaurio] , R. Garcia y Robertson.


The Nutcracker Coup [La Revolución del cascanueces] , Janet Kagan.
Breakfast Cereal Killers , R. Garcia y Robertson.
Into Darkness [Hacia la oscuridad] , Greg Egan.
Danny Goes to Mars , Pamela Sargent.
In the Presence of Mine Enemies , Harry Turtledove.
Vanilla Dunk , Jonathan Lethem.
Dust [Polvo] , Greg Egan.
Render Unto Caesar , Maureen F. McHugh.
Impact Parameter , Geoffrey A. Landis.
Song of a Dry River , Mike Resnick.
Deep Safari , Charles Sheffield.
10º Sugar's Blues , Allen M. Steele.

Short Story

Even the Queen [Incluso a la reina] , Connie Willis.
All Vows , Esther M. Friesner.
The Mountain to Mohammed , Nancy Kress.
Storm Trooper , Lawrence Watt-Evans.
Just Drive, She Said , Richard Paul Russo.
Alfred , Lisa Goldstein.
Auld Lang Boom , Jack McDevitt.
The Critic on the Hearth [Críticos en la hoguera] , Isaac Asimov.
Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop , Garry Kilworth.
Persephone , Kathe Koja.
The Arbitrary Placement of Walls , Martha Soukup.
The Heaven Tree [El árbol del Paraíso] , Jamil Nasir.
10º The Walk [El paseo] , Greg Egan.


A Robot's Farewell to the Master , Ace G. Pilkington.
The Last Nightfall , Ashley J. Hastings.
Amazon , Roger Dutcher.
Planet: For Sale , Amy Cubellis.
The Witch's Declaration of Love for Dorothy , Lawrence Person.
The Two Cultures , James Patrick Kelly.
In Praise of Timeliness , Bruce Boston.
Christmas Day, Give or Take a Week , Lawrence Schimel.
Au , Terry McGarry.
10º Head , Steve Rasnic Tem.
10º Not , Tom Disch.

Cover Artist

Bob Eggleton.
Michael Whelan.
Nicholas Jainschigg.
Gary Freeman.
Michael Carroll.
Bob Walters.
David A. Cherry.
Hisaki Yasuda .
E. T. Steadman .
Mark Harrison.
10º Steve Cavallo .

Interior Artist

Gary Freeman.
Steve Cavallo .
Bob Walters.
Laura Lakey .
Laurie Harden .
Janet Aulisio.
Anthony Bari .
Alan M. Clark.
John Johnson .
10º David A. Cherry.
10º Nicholas Jainschigg.
10º Pat Morrissey .