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Beggars in Spain [Leisha] , Nancy Kress.
Forward the Foundation , Isaac Asimov.
Frankenswine , Janet Kagan.
Raising Cane , Janet Kagan.
Jack [Jack] , Connie Willis.
And Wild for to Hold [Y difícil de dominar] , Nancy Kress.
The Gallery of His Dreams , Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
By the Time We Got to Gaugamela , R. Garcia y Robertson.
Bully! , Mike Resnick.
The Fourth Intercometary , Phillip C. Jennings.
10º Candle , Tony Daniel.


Understand [Comprende] , Ted Chiang.
The July Ward [Pabellón de julio] , S. N. Dyer.
Miracle [Milagro] , Connie Willis.
Living Will [Ganas de vivir] , Alexander Jablokov.
The Happy Man , Jonathan Lethem.
Water Bringer , Mary Rosenblum.
The Bee Man [El hombre abeja] , Mary Rosenblum.
Second Cousin Twice Removed , Cynthia Felice.
Fin de Cyclé , Howard Waldrop.
10º The Return of Weird Frank , Allen M. Steele.

Short Story

A Walk in the Sun [Caminata al sol] , Geoffrey A. Landis.
Press Ann [Presionar Ann] , Terry Bisson.
Robot Visions [Visiones de un robot] , Isaac Asimov.
A Flying Saucer with Minnesota Plates , Lawrence Watt-Evans.
Books , Peni R. Griffin.
Bright Light, Big City , Greg Costikyan.
The Odor of Cocktail Cigarettes , Ian Watson.
One Perfect Morning, With Jackals [Una mañana perfecta, con chacales] , Mike Resnick.
Details , Lawrence Person.
10º In the Late Cretaceous [A finales del Cretácico] , Connie Willis.
10º The Hole in Edgar's Hillside , Gregory Frost.


Angels Fly Because They Take Themselves Lightly , Jane Yolen.
Extinction , Michael Bishop.
The SF Editor's Lament , Joe Haldeman.
A Child's Garden of Grammar: Nouns, Adjectives, Pronouns, If/Then, Maybe , Thomas M. Disch.
Christmas Father , Robert Frazier & James Patrick Kelly.
Entropy Ad , E. R. Stewart.
The Watcher , David Lunde.
Carbon Star , Joe Haldeman.
Verbs , Tom Disch.
Consider the Amoeba , Arthur E. Stamps III.
The Number of the Man , Joe Haldeman.
10º 1967 NFC Championship Game Remembered After Awakening from Cryogenic Sleep , Roger Dutcher.

Cover Artist

Bob Eggleton.
Gary Freeman.
Broeck Steadman .
Dorian Vallejo.
Steven Crisp.
Alan Gutierrez.
Wayne Barlowe.
Nicholas Jainschigg.

Interior Artist

Laura Lakey .
Gary Freeman.
Janet Aulisio.
Broeck Steadman .
Bob Walters.
Terry Lee.
John Johnson .
Pat Morrissey .
Steve Cavallo .
10º A. C. Farley.