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A Touch of Lavender , Megan Lindholm.
Pageant Wagon [Teatro ambulante] , Orson Scott Card.
Tiny Tango , Judith Moffett.
The True Nature of Shangri-La , Kim Stanley Robinson.
The Father of Stones , Lucius Shepard.
Red Planet Blues , Allen M. Steele.
The Egg , Steven Popkes.
Time-Out , Connie Willis.
In Another Country , Robert Silverberg.
10º Destroyer of Worlds , Charles Sheffield.


The Loch Moose Monster , Janet Kagan.
The Return of Kangaroo Rex , Janet Kagan.
Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another [Entra un soldado, después entra otro] , Robert Silverberg.
Dogwalker [Paseaperros] , Orson Scott Card.
The Price of Oranges , Nancy Kress.
Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man , Megan Lindholm.
Surrender , Lucius Shepard.
Not Without Honor , Judith Moffett.
Fast Cars , Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
10º Ride to Live, Live to Ride , Allen M. Steele.

Short Story

Windwagon Smith and the Martians , Lawrence Watt-Evans.
Dilemma [Dilema] , Connie Willis.
Zelle's Thursday , Tanith Lee.
Boobs [Tetas] , Suzy McKee Charnas.
Computer Friendly , Eileen Gunn.
The Color of Grass, The Color of Blood , R. V. Branham.
The Dragon Line , Michael Swanwick.
The Few, the Proud , Harlan Ellison.
The Goat Man , Peni R. Griffin.
10º Iridescence , Dean Whitlock.


Old Robots Are the Worst , Bruce Boston.
When I See Rigel's Light Sleeting Through the Side of Heinlein Station , Lawrence Watt-Evans.
The Curse of the Sasquatch's Wife , Bruce Boston.
Three Evocations of the Mutant Rain Forest , Bruce Boston.
Toads , Jane Yolen.
First Contact , Roger Dutcher.
Afterlife , James Patrick Kelly.
The Curse of the Ghost's Wife , Bruce Boston.
Balanced Scales , Jack C. Haldeman II.
Galileo's Blindness , Mary A. Turzillo.
Life as Candyland , Scott Edelman.
10º Turning Into Animals , James Patrick Kelly.

Cover Artist

Keith Parkinson.
A. C. Farley.
Nicholas Jainschigg.
Hisaki Yasuda .
Michael Whelan.
Gary Freeman.
Bob Walters.
Christos Achilleos .
Wayne Barlowe.
10º Alan Gutierrez.

Interior Artist

Janet Aulisio.
Gary Freeman.
Laura Lakey .
Nicholas Jainschigg.
Bob Walters.
A. C. Farley.
Hisaki Yasuda .
Hank Jankus.
George Thompson .
10º Terry Lee.