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Novelette- Short Fiction [Relato]
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Folding Beijing , Hao Jingfang.
And You Shall Know Her by the Trail of Dead , Brooke Bolander.
Obits , Stephen King.
No Award .
What Price Humanity? , David VanDyke.
F Flashpoint: Titan , CHEAH Kai Wai.


The Day The World Turned Upside Down , Thomas Olde Heuvelt.
No Award .
The Triple Sun: A Golden Age Tale , Rajnar Vajra.
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium , Gray Rinehart.
The Journeyman: In the Stone House , Michael F. Flynn.
Championship B'tok , Edward M. Lerner.


The Lady Astronaut of Mars [La señora astronauta de Marte] , Mary Robinette Kowal.
The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling [La verdad de los hechos, la verdad del corazón] , Ted Chiang.
The Waiting Stars [Las estrellas esperan] , Aliette de Bodard.
The Exchange Officers , Brad Torgersen.
No Award .
NM Opera Vita Aeterna , Vox Day.


The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi , Pat Cadigan.
In Sea-Salt Tears , Seanan McGuire.
Fade to White , Catherynne M. Valente.
Rat-Catcher , Seanan McGuire.
The Boy Who Cast No Shadow , Thomas Olde Heuvelt.


Six Months, Three Days , Charlie Jane Anders.
Ray of Light , Brad R. Torgersen.
The Copenhagen Interpretation , Paul Cornell.
What We Found , Geoff Ryman.
Fields of Gold , Rachel Swirsky.


The Emperor of Mars , Allen M. Steele.
Eight Miles , Sean McMullen.
Plus or Minus , James Patrick Kelly.
That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made , Eric James Stone.
The Jaguar House, in Shadow [La casa del jaguar, en la sombra] , Aliette de Bodard.


The Island [La isla] , Peter Watts.
Overtime , Charles Stross.
Eros, Philia, Agape , Rachel Swirsky.
It Takes Two , Nicola Griffith.
One of Our Bastards is Missing , Paul Cornell.
Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast [Pecador, panadero, fabulista, sacerdote; máscara roja, máscara negra, caballero, bestia] , Eugie Foster.


Shoggoths in Bloom [Shoggoths en flor] , Elizabeth Bear.
Pride and Prometheus , John Kessel.
The Ray-Gun: A Love Story , James Alan Gardner.
The Gambler [El jugador] , Paolo Bacigalupi.
Alastair Baffle's Emporium of Wonders [El Emporio de las Maravillas de Alastair Baffle] , Mike Resnick.


The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate , Ted Chiang.
The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairy Tale of Economics , Daniel Abraham.
Dark Integers , Greg Egan.
Glory , Greg Egan.
Finisterra , David R. Moles.


The Djinn's Wife , Ian McDonald.
Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter (Fantasy) , Geoff Ryman.
Dawn, and Sunset, and the Colours of the Earth , Michael F. Flynn.
All the Things You Are , Mike Resnick.
Yellow Card Man [Tarjeta amarilla] , Paolo Bacigalupi.


Two Hearts [Dos corazones] , Peter S. Beagle.
I, Robot , Cory Doctorow.
The King of Where-I-Go , Howard Waldrop.
The Calorie Man [El fabricante de calorías] , Paolo Bacigalupi.
TelePresence , Michael A. Burstein.


The Faery Handbag [El bolso de las fadas] , Kelly Link.
The Clapping Hands of God , Michael F. Flynn.
Biographical Notes to "A Discourse on the Nature of Causality, with Air-Planes" by Benjamin Rosenbaum , Benjamin Rosenbaum.
The People of Sand and Slag [El pueblo de arena y escoria] , Paolo Bacigalupi.
The Voluntary State , Christopher Rowe.


Legions in Time [Legiones en el tiempo] , Michael Swanwick.
The Empire of Ice Cream [El imperio del helado] , Jeffrey Ford.
Nightfall [Anochecer] , Charles Stross.
Into the Gardens of Sweet Night , Jay Lake.
Bernardo's House [La casa de Bernardo] , James Patrick Kelly.
Hexagons , Robert Reed.


Slow Life , Michael Swanwick.
The Wild Girls [Las niñas salvajes] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
Halo [Halo] , Charles Stross.
Presence [Presencia] , Maureen F. McHugh.
Madonna of the Maquiladora , Gregory Frost.
WD Liking What You See: A Documentary [¿Te gusta lo que ves? (documental)] , Ted Chiang.


Hell Is the Absence of God [El infierno es la ausencia de Dios] , Ted Chiang.
The Days Between [Tiempo muerto] , Allen M. Steele.
Undone [Deshecho] , James Patrick Kelly.
Lobsters [Langostas] , Charles Stross.
The Return of Spring , Shane Tourtellotte.


Millennium Babies , Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
On the Orion Line , Stephen Baxter.
Agape Among the Robots , Allen M. Steele.
Generation Gap , Stanley Schmidt.
Redchapel [Red Whitechapel] , Mike Resnick.


1016 to 1 , James Patrick Kelly.
Stellar Harvest , Eleanor Arnason.
Border Guards , Greg Egan.
The Secret History of the Ornithopter , Jan Lars Jensen.
Fossil Games , Tom Purdom.
The Chop Girl , Ian R. MacLeod.


Taklamakan [Taklamakan] , Bruce Sterling.
Echea , Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
Zwarte Piet's Tale , Allen M. Steele.
Steamship Soldier on the Information Front , Nancy Kress.
The Planck Dive [La inmersión de Plank] , Greg Egan.
Time Gypsy , Ellen Klages.
Divided by Infinity , Robert Charles Wilson.


We Will Drink a Fish Together... [Vamos a beber un pescado] , Bill Johnson.
Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream [Tres vistas sobre la existencia de culebras en el torrente sanguíneo humano] , James Alan Gardner.
Moon Six , Stephen Baxter.
Broken Symmetry , Michael A. Burstein.
The Undiscovered [Lo desconocido] , William Sanders.


Bicycle Repairman [El bicicletero] , Bruce Sterling.
The Land of Nod , Mike Resnick.
Mountain Ways [Las costumbres de la montaña] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
Beauty and the Opera or the Phantom Beast , Suzy McKee Charnas.
Age of Aquarius , William Barton.


Think Like a Dinosaur [Piensa como un dinosaurio] , James Patrick Kelly.
When the Old Gods Die , Mike Resnick.
The Good Rat , Allen M. Steele.
Must and Shall , Harry Turtledove.
Luminous [Luminous] , Greg Egan.
TAP [PAT] , Greg Egan.


The Martian Child , David Gerrold.
Cocoon [Capullo] , Greg Egan.
A Little Knowledge , Mike Resnick.
Solitude [Soledad] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
The Singular Habits of Wasps , Geoffrey A. Landis.
The Matter of Seggri [La cuestión de Seggri] , Ursula K. Le Guin.


Georgia on My Mind [Georgia en mi mente] , Charles Sheffield.
Dancing on Air [Bailando en el aire] , Nancy Kress.
The Shadow Knows , Terry Bisson.
Deep Eddy [Deep Eddy] , Bruce Sterling.
The Franchise [El franquicia] , John Kessel.


The Nutcracker Coup [La Revolución del cascanueces] , Janet Kagan.
Danny Goes to Mars , Pamela Sargent.
True Faces , Pat Cadigan.
Suppose They Gave a Peace... , Susan Shwartz.
In the Stone House , Barry N. Malzberg.


Gold [Oro] , Isaac Asimov.
Dispatches from the Revolution , Pat Cadigan.
Miracle [Milagro] , Connie Willis.
Fin de Cyclé , Howard Waldrop.
Understand [Comprende] , Ted Chiang.


The Manamouki , Mike Resnick.
A Braver Thing , Charles Sheffield.
Tower of Babylon [La torre de Babilonia] , Ted Chiang.
The Coon Rolled Down and Ruptured His Larinks, A Squeezed Novel by Mr. Skunk , Dafydd ab Hugh.
Over the Long Haul , Martha Soukup.
WD Dr. Pak's Preschool , David Brin.


Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another [Entra un soldado, después entra otro] , Robert Silverberg.
For I Have Touched the Sky [He tocado el cielo] , Mike Resnick.
Everything But Honor , George Alec Effinger.
At the Rialto [En el Rialto] , Connie Willis.
The Price of Oranges , Nancy Kress.
Dogwalker [Paseaperros] , Orson Scott Card.


Schrödinger's Kitten [El gatito de Schrödinger] , George Alec Effinger.
Peaches for Mad Molly , Steven Gould.
Do Ya, Do Ya, Wanna Dance? , Howard Waldrop.
The Function of Dream Sleep , Harlan Ellison.
Ginny Sweethips' Flying Circus [El circo volador de Ginny Caderas Dulces] , Neal Barrett, Jr..


Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight [Chicas bisonte, ¿no vais a salir esta noche?] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
Rachel in Love [Rachel enamorada] , Pat Murphy.
Dinosaurs , Walter Jon Williams.
Flowers of Edo [Flores de Edo] , Bruce Sterling.
Dream Baby [Sueña nena] , Bruce McAllister.


Permafrost [Permafrost] , Roger Zelazny.
Thor Meets Captain America [Thor se enfrenta al Capitán América] , David Brin.
The Winter Market [El mercado de invierno] , William Gibson.
Hatrack River , Orson Scott Card.
The Barbarian Princess , Vernor Vinge.


Paladin of the Lost Hour [Paladín de la hora perdida] , Harlan Ellison.
Portraits of His Children [Retratos de sus hijos] , George R. R. Martin.
The Fringe [El Margen] , Orson Scott Card.
A Gift from the GrayLanders [Un regalo de los hombres grises] , Michael Bishop.
Dogfight [Combate aéreo] , Michael Swanwick & William Gibson.


Bloodchild [Hijo de sangre] , Octavia E. Butler.
The Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule [El hombre que pintó al dragón Griaule] , Lucius Shepard.
Return to the Fold , Timothy Zahn.
Blued Moon [Luna azulada] , Connie Willis.
Silicon Muse , Hilbert Schenck.
The Weigher , Eric Vinicoff & Marcia Martin.
Desierto .
The Lucky Strike , Kim Stanley Robinson.


Blood Music [La música de la sangre] , Greg Bear.
The Monkey Treatment [El tratamiento del mono] , George R. R. Martin.
The Sidon in the Mirror [El sidon en el espejo] , Connie Willis.
Slow Birds [Pájaros lentos] , Ian Watson.
Black Air [Aire negro] , Kim Stanley Robinson.


Fire Watch [Servicio de vigilancia] , Connie Willis.
Nightlife , Phyllis Eisenstein.
Pawn's Gambit , Timothy Zahn.
Aquila , Somtow Sucharitkul.
Swarm [Enjambre] , Bruce Sterling.


Unicorn Variation [Las variantes del unicornio] , Roger Zelazny.
Guardians [Guardianes] , George R. R. Martin.
The Thermals of August , Edward Bryant.
The Fire When It Comes [Cuando llega el fuego] , Parke Godwin.
The Quickening [La vivificación] , Michael Bishop.


The Cloak and the Staff [La capa y la vara] , Gordon R. Dickson.
Savage Planet , Barry B. Longyear.
Beatnik Bayou , John Varley.
The Lordly Ones , Keith Roberts.
The Autopsy [La autopsia] , Michael Shea.
The Ugly Chickens [Los pollos feos] , Howard Waldrop.


Sandkings [Los reyes de la arena] , George R. R. Martin.
Homecoming [Regreso al hogar] , Barry B. Longyear.
The Locusts , Larry Niven & Steve Barnes.
Fireflood [Torrente de Fuego] , Vonda N. McIntyre.
Options [Opciones] , John Varley.
Palely Loitering [Vagabundeos pálidos] , Christopher Priest.


Hunter's Moon [La Luna del cazador] , Poul Anderson.
Mikal's Songbird [El pájaro cantor de Mikal] , Orson Scott Card.
The Man Who Had No Idea [El hombre que no tenía idea] , Thomas M. Disch.
F The Barbie Murders [The Barbie Murders] , John Varley.
F Devil You Don't Know , Dean Ing.


Eyes of Amber [Ojos de ámbar] , Joan D. Vinge.
Ender's Game [El juego de Ender] , Orson Scott Card.
The Screwfly Solution [El eslabón más débil] , James Tiptree, Jr. (Raccoona Sheldon).
F The Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven and Other Lost Songs [La novena sinfonía de Ludwig van Beethoven y otras canciones perdidas] , Carter Scholz.
F Prismatica [Prismática] , Samuel R. Delany.


The Bicentennial Man [El hombre bicentenario] , Isaac Asimov.
F Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance [Cantad, bailad] , John Varley.
F The Phantom of Kansas [El fantasma de Kansas] , John Varley.
F The Diary of the Rose [El diario de la rosa] , Ursula K. Le Guin.


The Borderland of Sol [La frontera del Sol] , Larry Niven.
The New Atlantis [La nueva Atlántida] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
And Seven Times Never Kill Man [Y siete veces digo: al hombre no matarás] , George R. R. Martin.
San Diego Lightfoot Sue , Tom Reamy.
Tinker , Jerry Pournelle.


Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans: Latitude 38° 54' N, Longitude 77° 00' 13 W [A la deriva ante los islotes de Langerhans: latitud 38º 54' N, longitud 77º 00' 13'' O] , Harlan Ellison.
F After the Dreamtime [Tras la era del sueño] , Richard A. Lupoff.
F A Brother to Dragons, a Companion of Owls , Kate Wilhelm.
F Extreme Prejudice , Jerry Pournelle.
F Midnight by the Morphy Watch , Fritz Leiber.
F Nix Olympica , William Walling.
F —That Thou Art Mindful of Him! [¿Qué es el Hombre?] , Isaac Asimov.


The Deathbird [El pájaro de la muerte] , Harlan Ellison.
Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand [De niebla, hierba y arena] , Vonda N. McIntyre.
Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death [Amor es el plan, el plan es la muerte] , James Tiptree, Jr..
F The City on the Sand [Hermanos: Intermedios 1 a 7] , George Alec Effinger.
F He Fell Into a Dark Hole , Jerry Pournelle.


Goat Song [El canto del chivo] , Poul Anderson.
Patron of the Arts [Mecenas] , William Rotsler.
Basilisk , Harlan Ellison.
F A Kingdom by the Sea [Un reino junto al mar] , Gardner R. Dozois.
F Painwise [Sabio en dolor] , James Tiptree, Jr..


The Sharing of Flesh [Carne Compartida] , Poul Anderson.
Total Environment [Entorno total] , Brian W. Aldiss.
Getting Through University , Piers Anthony.
F Mother to the World [Madre del mundo] , Richard Wilson.


Gonna Roll the Bones [Voy a probar suerte] , Fritz Leiber.
Wizard's World , Andre Norton.
F Faith of Our Fathers [La fe de nuestros padres] , Philip K. Dick.
F Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes , Harlan Ellison.


The Last Castle [El último castillo] , Jack Vance.
F Apology to Inky , Robert M. Green Jr.
F Call Him Lord [Llámale Señor] , Gordon R. Dickson.
F For a Breath I Tarry [...el respirar demoro] , Roger Zelazny.
F The Manor of Roses [La mansión de las rosas] , Thomas Burnett Swann.
F An Ornament to His Profession , Charles L. Harness.
F This Moment of the Storm [Ese momento de la tormenta] , Roger Zelazny.
F The Alchemist , Charles L. Harness.
F The Eskimo Invasion , Hayden Howard.


'Repent, Harlequin!' Said the Ticktockman [¡Arrepiéntete, Arlequín!' dijo el señor Tic-Tac] , Harlan Ellison.
F Day of the Great Shout [A vuestros cuerpos dispersos (Cap 1 a 17)] , Philip J. Farmer.
F Marque and Reprisal [Patente de corso] , Poul Anderson.
F Stardock [Stardock] , Fritz Leiber.
F The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth [Las puertas de su cara, las lámparas de su boca] , Roger Zelazny.


Soldier, Ask Not [Soldado, no preguntes] , Gordon R. Dickson.
F Little Dog Gone [El perrito] , Robert F. Young.
F Once a Cop , Rick Raphael.


No Truce With Kings [No hay Tregua con los Reyes] , Poul Anderson.
Code Three , Rick Raphael.
A Rose for Ecclesiastes [Una rosa para el eclesiastes] , Roger Zelazny.
Savage Pellucidar [Salvaje Pellucidar] , Edgar Rice Burroughs.


The Dragon Masters [Hombres y dragones] , Jack Vance.
F Myrrha , Gary Jennings.
F The Unholy Grail [El grial profano] , Fritz Leiber.
F When You Care, When You Love [Cuando se quiere, cuando se ama] , Theodore Sturgeon.
F Where Is the Bird of Fire? [¿Dónde está el pájaro de fuego?] , Thomas Burnett Swann.


The Hothouse series {The Long Afternoon of Earth} [Invernáculo] , Brian W. Aldiss.
F Lion Loose [León desencadenado] , James H. Schmitz.
F Monument [Monumento] , Lloyd Biggle, Jr..
F Scylla's Daughter [exp to. The Swords of Lankhmar [N] (1968)] , Fritz Leiber.
F Status Quo , Mack Reynolds.


The Longest Voyage [El viaje mas largo] , Poul Anderson.
F The Lost Kafoozalum , Pauline Ashwell.
F Need , Theodore Sturgeon.
F Open to Me, My Sister [My Sister's Brother] [Abreté a Mí, Hermana Mía] , Philip J. Farmer.


Flowers For Algernon [Flores para Algernon] , Daniel Keyes.
The Alley Man , Philip J. Farmer.
F Cat and Mouse , Ralph Williams.
F The Man Who Lost the Sea [El hombre que perdió el mar] , Theodore Sturgeon.
F The Pi Man [El hombre Pi] , Alfred Bester.


The Big Front Yard [El gran patio delantero] , Clifford D. Simak.
F Captivity [Cautividad] , Zenna Henderson.
F A Deskful of Girls [Un escritorio lleno de chicas] , Fritz Leiber.
F The Miracle-Workers , Jack Vance.
F Rat in the Skull , Rog Phillips.
F Second Game , Katherine MacLean & Charles V. De Vet.
F Shark Ship [Reap the Dark Tide] , C. M. Kornbluth.
F Unwillingly to School , Pauline Ashwell.


Exploration Team [Equipo de Exploración] , Murray Leinster.


The Darfsteller [El actor] , Walter M. Miller Jr..