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Novella [Novela corta]
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Binti , Nnedi Okorafor.
Penric's Demon , Lois McMaster Bujold.
Slow Bullets , Alastair Reynolds.
Perfect State , Brandon Sanderson.
The Builders , Daniel Polansky.


No Award .
Flow , Arlan Andrews, Sr..
Big Boys Don't Cry , Tom Kratman.
One Bright Star to Guide Them , John C. Wright.
The Plural of Helen of Troy , John C. Wright.
Pale Realms of Shade , John C. Wright.


Equoid , Charles Stross.
Six-Gun Snow White , Catherynne M. Valente.
Wakulla Springs , Andy Duncan & Ellen Klages.
The Chaplain's Legacy , Brad Torgersen.
The Butcher of Khardov , Dan Wells.


The Emperor's Soul [El alma del emperador] , Brandon Sanderson.
After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall , Nancy Kress.
The Stars Do Not Lie , Jay Lake.
On a Red Station, Drifting [En una estación roja, a la deriva] , Aliette de Bodard.
San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoats , Mira Grant.


The Man Who Bridged the Mist , Kij Johnson.
Kiss Me Twice , Mary Robinette Kowal.
Silently and Very Fast , Catherynne M. Valente.
The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary [El hombre que puso fin a la historia: documental] , Ken Liu.
Countdown , Mira Grant.
The Ice Owl , Carolyn Ives Gilman.


The Lifecycle of Software Objects [El ciclo de la vida de los objetos de software] , Ted Chiang.
Troika , Alastair Reynolds.
The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers beneath the Queen's Window , Rachel Swirsky.
The Sultan of the Clouds , Geoffrey A. Landis.
The Maiden Flight of McCauley's Bellerophon , Elizabeth Hand.


Palimpsest [Palimpsesto] , Charles Stross.
The God Engines , John Scalzi.
The Women of Nell Gwynne's , Kage Baker.
Act One , Nancy Kress.
Vishnu at the Cat Circus , Ian McDonald.
Shambling Towards Hiroshima , James Morrow.


The Erdmann Nexus , Nancy Kress.
Truth , Robert Reed.
The Tear , Ian McDonald.
True Names , Benjamin Rosenbaum & Cory Doctorow.
The Political Prisoner , Charles Coleman Finlay.


All Seated on the Ground , Connie Willis.
Recovering Apollo 8 [Recuperando El Apollo 8] , Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
Fountain of Age [Fuente de la vejez] , Nancy Kress.
Memorare , Gene Wolfe.
Stars Seen Through Stone , Lucius Shepard.


A Billion Eves [Mil millones de Evas] , Robert Reed.
Lord Weary's Empire , Michael Swanwick.
Julian: A Christmas Story , Robert Charles Wilson.
The Walls of the Universe , Paul Melko.
Inclination , William Shunn.


Inside Job [Infiltrado] , Connie Willis.
Magic for Beginners [Magia para principiantes] , Kelly Link.
Burn , James Patrick Kelly.
The Little Goddess [La pequeña diosa] , Ian McDonald.
Identity Theft [Robo de idendidad] , Robert J. Sawyer.


The Concrete Jungle , Charles Stross.
Sergeant Chip , Bradley Denton.
Elector [Elector] , Charles Stross.
Winterfair Gifts , Lois McMaster Bujold.
Time Ablaze , Michael A. Burstein.


The Cookie Monster [El monstruo de las galletas] , Vernor Vinge.
The Empress of Mars [La emperatriz de Marte] , Kage Baker.
Just Like the Ones We Used to Know [Como las que solíamos tener] , Connie Willis.
The Green Leopard Plague [La plaga del leopardo verde] , Walter Jon Williams.
Walk in Silence , Catherine Asaro.


Coraline [Coraline] , Neil Gaiman.
Bronte's Egg , Richard Chwedyk.
Breathmoss [Musgo de vida] , Ian R. MacLeod.
A Year in the Linear City , Paul Di Filippo.
The Political Officer , Charles Coleman Finlay.
In Spirit , Pat Forde.


Fast Times at Fairmont High [Acelerados en el Instituto Fairmont] , Vernor Vinge.
Stealing Alabama [El motín de la Alabama] , Allen M. Steele.
May Be Some Time , Brenda W. Clough.
The Chief Designer , Andy Duncan.
The Diamond Pit , Jack Dann.


The Ultimate Earth [Terraformar la Tierra] , Jack Williamson.
A Roll of the Dice , Catherine Asaro.
The Retrieval Artist , Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
Oracle [Oráculo] , Greg Egan.
Seventy-Two Letters [Setenta y dos letras] , Ted Chiang.
Radiant Green Star , Lucius Shepard.


The Winds of Marble Arch [Los vientos de Marble Arch] , Connie Willis.
Forty, Counting Down , Harry Turtledove.
The Astronaut from Wyoming , Adam-Troy Castro & Jerry Oltion.
Hunting the Snark , Mike Resnick.
Son Observe the Time , Kage Baker.


Oceanic [Oceánico] , Greg Egan.
Aurora in Four Voices , Catherine Asaro.
Story of Your Life [La historia de tu vida] , Ted Chiang.
Get Me to the Church on Time , Terry Bisson.
The Summer Isles [Las islas del verano] , Ian R. MacLeod.


...Where Angels Fear to Tread [Donde los ángeles no se atreven] , Allen M. Steele.
The Funeral March of the Marionettes , Adam-Troy Castro.
Ecopoiesis , Geoffrey A. Landis.
Loose Ends , Paul Levinson.
Marrow , Robert Reed.


Blood of the Dragon [Sangre de dragón] , George R. R. Martin.
Time Travelers Never Die [Los viajeros del tiempo nunca mueren] , Jack McDevitt.
Immersion , Gregory Benford.
Abandon in Place , Jerry Oltion.
Gas Fish , Mary Rosenblum.
The Cost to Be Wise , Maureen F. McHugh.


The Death of Captain Future [La muerte del capitán Futuro] , Allen M. Steele.
A Woman's Liberation [La liberación de la mujer] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
Bibi , Mike Resnick & Susan Shwartz.
A Man of the People [Un hombre del pueblo] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
Fault Lines , Nancy Kress.


Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge [Siete vistas de la garganta Olduvai] , Mike Resnick.
Les Fleurs du Mal , Brian Stableford.
Forgiveness Day [El día del perdón] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
Cri de Coeur , Michael Bishop.
Melodies of the Heart , Michael F. Flynn.


Down in the Bottomlands [En las tierras del fondo] , Harry Turtledove.
Wall, Stone, Craft , Walter Jon Williams.
Into the Miranda Rift , G. David Nordley.
The Night We Buried Road Dog [La noche que enterramos al Perro Rutero] , Jack Cady.
An American Childhood , Pat Murphy.
Mefisto in Onyx , Harlan Ellison.


Barnacle Bill the Spacer [Bill Percebe, el espacial] , Lucius Shepard.
Stopping at Slowyear , Frederik Pohl.
Protection [Protección] , Maureen F. McHugh.
Uh-Oh City , Jonathan Carroll.
The Territory , Bradley Denton.


Beggars in Spain [Leisha] , Nancy Kress.
The Gallery of His Dreams , Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
Jack [Jack] , Connie Willis.
Griffin's Egg , Michael Swanwick.
And Wild for to Hold [Y difícil de dominar] , Nancy Kress.


The Hemingway Hoax [El fraude Hemingway] , Joe Haldeman.
Bully! , Mike Resnick.
A Short, Sharp Shock , Kim Stanley Robinson.
Bones , Pat Murphy.
Fool to Believe , Pat Cadigan.
WD Weatherman , Lois McMaster Bujold.


The Mountains of Mourning [Las montañas de la aflicción] , Lois McMaster Bujold.
The Father of Stones , Lucius Shepard.
A Touch of Lavender , Megan Lindholm.
Time Out , Connie Willis.
Tiny Tango , Judith Moffett.


The Last of the Winnebagos [El último de los Winnebago] , Connie Willis.
The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter , Lucius Shepard.
Journals of the Plague Years , Norman Spinrad.
The Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians , Bradley Denton.
Surfacing , Walter Jon Williams.


Eye for Eye [Ojo por ojo] , Orson Scott Card.
The Secret Sharer , Robert Silverberg.
The Blind Geometer [El geómetra ciego] , Kim Stanley Robinson.
Mother Goddess of the World , Kim Stanley Robinson.
The Forest of Time , Michael F. Flynn.


Gilgamesh in the Outback , Robert Silverberg.
Escape from Kathmandu , Kim Stanley Robinson.
R & R [D&D] , Lucius Shepard.
Spice Pogrom , Connie Willis.
Eifelheim , Michael F. Flynn.


24 Views of Mount Fuji, by Hokusai [24 vistas del monte Fuji] , Roger Zelazny.
Sailing to Byzantium [Rumbo a Bizancio] , Robert Silverberg.
The Only Neat Thing to Do , James Tiptree, Jr..
Green Mars [Marte verde] , Kim Stanley Robinson.
The Scapegoat , C. J. Cherryh.


Press Enter[] [Pulse Enter []] , John Varley.
Cyclops [El cartero (2ª parte)] , David Brin.
Valentina , Joseph H. Delaney & Marc Stiegler.
Summer Solstice , Charles L. Harness.
Elemental , Geoffrey A. Landis.


Cascade Point , Timothy Zahn.
Hardfought [Lucha cruenta] , Greg Bear.
In the Face of My Enemy , Joseph H. Delaney.
Seeking , David R. Palmer.
Hurricane Claude , Hilbert Schenck.


Souls [Almas] , Joanna Russ.
The Postman [El cartero] , David Brin.
Unsound Variations [Variantes sin salida] , George R. R. Martin.
Brainchild , Joseph H. Delaney.
To Leave a Mark [Icehenge (1ª parte)] , Kim Stanley Robinson.
Another Orphan , John Kessel.


The Saturn Game [El Juego de Saturno] , Poul Anderson.
In the Western Tradition , Phyllis Eisenstein.
Emergence , David R. Palmer.
Blue Champagne [Blue champagne] , John Varley.
With Thimbles, With Forks and Hope , Kate Wilhelm.
True Names , Vernor Vinge.


Lost Dorsai [El Dorsai perdido] , Gordon R. Dickson.
One-Wing [Un-ala] , Lisa Tuttle & George R. R. Martin.
Nightflyers [Nómadas nocturnos] , George R. R. Martin.
The Brave Little Toaster [El valiente tostadorcito] , Thomas M. Disch.
All the Lies that Are My Life , Harlan Ellison.


Enemy Mine [Enemigo mío] , Barry B. Longyear.
Songhouse [La casa del canto] , Orson Scott Card.
The Moon Goddess and the Son [La diosa de la luna y el hijo] , Donald Kingsbury.
Ker-Plop [Piloto de inspección] , Ted Reynolds.
The Battle of the Abaco Reefs , Hilbert Schenck.


The Persistence of Vision [La Persistencia de la visión] , John Varley.
Fireship [Nave de fuego] , Joan D. Vinge.
The Watched [El observado] , Christopher Priest.
F Seven American Nights [Siete noches americanas] , Gene Wolfe.
F Enemies of the System [Enemigos del sistema] , Brian W. Aldiss.


Stardance [Danza Estelar] , Spider Robinson & Jeanne Robinson.
In the Hall of the Martian Kings [En el salón de los reyes marcianos] , John Varley.
Aztecs [Aztecas] , Vonda N. McIntyre.
F A Snark in the Night [En el océano de la noche (5 y 6)] , Gregory Benford.
F The Wonderful Secret , Keith Laumer.


Houston, Houston, Do You Read? [Houston, Houston, ¿Me recibe?] , James Tiptree, Jr..
By Any Other Name [Por cualquier otro nombre] , Spider Robinson.
F Piper at the Gates of Dawn , Richard Cowper.
F The Samurai and the Willows , Michael Bishop.


Home Is the Hangman [El regreso del verdugo] , Roger Zelazny.
The Storms of Windhaven [Tormentas] , Lisa Tuttle & George R. R. Martin.
ARM , Larry Niven.
The Silent Eyes of Time [Los silenciosos ojos del tiempo] , Algis Budrys.
The Custodians , Richard Cowper.


A Song for Lya [Una Canción para Lya] , George R. R. Martin.
F Born with the Dead [Nacidos con los muertos] , Robert Silverberg.
F Riding the Torch [Jinetes de la antorcha] , Norman Spinrad.
F Assault on a City [Asalto a una ciudad] , Jack Vance.
F Strangers , Gardner R. Dozois.


The Girl Who Was Plugged In [La muchacha que estaba conectada] , James Tiptree, Jr..
The Death of Doctor Island [La muerte del doctor Isla] , Gene Wolfe.
Death and Designation Among the Asadi [Muerte y sucesión entre los asadis] , Michael Bishop.
F Chains of the Sea [Las cadenas del mar] , Gardner R. Dozois.
F The White Otters of Childhood , Michael Bishop.


The Word for World Is Forest [El nombre del mundo es Bosque] , Ursula K. Le Guin.
The Gold at the Starbow's End [El oro al final del arco estelar] , Frederik Pohl.
The Fifth Head of Cerberus [La quinta cabeza de Cerbero] , Gene Wolfe.
F Hero (Private Mandella) [Soldado Mandella] , Joe Haldeman.
F The Mercenary [El mercenario] , Jerry Pournelle.


The Queen of Air and Darkness [La reina del aire y la oscuridad] , Poul Anderson.
A Meeting with Medusa [Cita con Medusa] , Arthur C. Clarke.
The Fourth Profession [La cuarta profesión] , Larry Niven.
Dread Empire [Temido imperio] , John Brunner.
A Special Kind of Morning [Una mañana especial] , Gardner R. Dozois.


Ill Met in Lankhmar [Aciago encuentro en Lankhmar] , Fritz Leiber.
The Thing in the Stone [La cosa en la piedra] , Clifford D. Simak.
The Region Between , Harlan Ellison.
The World Outside , Robert Silverberg.
Beastchild , Dean R. Koontz.
WD The Snow Women [Las mujeres de la nieve] , Fritz Leiber.


Ship of Shadows [Nave de sombras] , Fritz Leiber.
A Boy and His Dog [Un muchacho y su perro] , Harlan Ellison.
We All Die Naked [Todos morimos desnudos] , James Blish.
Dramatic Mission , Anne McCaffrey.
To Jorslem [Camino a Jorslem] , Robert Silverberg.


Nightwings [Alas nocturnas] , Robert Silverberg.
Dragonrider [El vuelo del dragón] , Anne McCaffrey.
F Hawk Among the Sparrows , Dean McLaughlin.
F Lines of Power [Alta Tensión] , Samuel R. Delany.


Weyr Search [El vuelo del dragón] , Anne McCaffrey.
Riders of the Purple Wage [Jinetes del salario púrpura] , Philip J. Farmer.
Damnation Alley [El callejón de la muerte] , Roger Zelazny.
F The Star Pit [El Foso estelar] , Samuel R. Delany.
F Hawksbill Station [La estación Hawksbill] , Robert Silverberg.