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A Case of Conscience [Un caso de conciencia] , James Blish.
F Have Space Suit - Will Travel [Consigue un traje espacial: viajarás] , Robert A. Heinlein.
F Time Killer [Immortality Inc.] [Immortality Delivered] , Robert Sheckley.
F We Have Fed Our Sea [The Enemy Stars] , Poul Anderson.
F Who? [¿Quién?] , Algis Budrys.


The Big Front Yard [El gran patio delantero] , Clifford D. Simak.
F Captivity [Cautividad] , Zenna Henderson.
F A Deskful of Girls [Un escritorio lleno de chicas] , Fritz Leiber.
F The Miracle-Workers , Jack Vance.
F Rat in the Skull , Rog Phillips.
F Second Game , Katherine MacLean & Charles V. De Vet.
F Shark Ship [Reap the Dark Tide] , C. M. Kornbluth.
F Unwillingly to School , Pauline Ashwell.

Short Story

That Hell-Bound Train [Tren al Infierno] , Robert Bloch.
F The Advent on Channel Twelve [Advenimiento en el Canal Doce] , C. M. Kornbluth.
F The Edge of the Sea [La orilla del mar] , Algis Budrys.
F The Men Who Murdered Mohammed [Los hombres que asesinaron a Mahoma] , Alfred Bester.
F Nine Yards of Other Cloth , Manly Wade Wellman.
F Rump-Titty-Titty-Tum-Tah-Tee [Rump-Titi-Titi-Tum-Ta-Ti] , Fritz Leiber.
F Space to Swing a Cat , Stanley Mullen.
F Theory of Rocketry , C. M. Kornbluth.
F They've Been Working On... , Anton Lee Baker.
F Triggerman , J. F. Bone.

SF or Fantasy Movie

Desierto .
F The Fly [La mosca] , Kurt Neumann (dir); James Clavell (sc); George Langelaan (st).
F The 7th Voyage of Sinbad [Simbad y la princesa] , Nathan Juran (dir); Ken Kolb (sc); Ray Harryhausen 8st).
F The Horror of Dracula [Dracula] [Drácula] , Terence Fisher (dir); Jimmy Sangster (sc); basado en la novela de Bram Stoker.

Professional Magazine

Fantasy & Science Fiction , Anthony Boucher & Robert P. Mills, eds..
F Astounding Science Fiction , John W. Campbell, Jr., ed..
F Galaxy Science Fiction/Galaxy Magazine , H. L. Gold, ed..
F Infinity Science Fiction , Larry T. Shaw, ed..
F New Worlds , John Carnell, ed..

Professional Artist

Frank Kelly Freas.
F Virgil Finlay.
F Ed Emshwiller.
F H. R. Van Dongen.
F Wally Wood.


Fanac , Terry Carr & Ron Ellik, eds..
F Hyphen , Chuck Harris & Walt Willis, eds..
F Cry of the Nameless , F. M. Busby (ed), Elinor Busby (ed), Burnett Toskey (ed), Wally Weber (ed).
F JD-Argassy , Lynn A. Hickman (ed).
F Science Fiction Times , James V. Taurasi, Sr., Ray Van Houten & Frank R. Prieto, Jr., eds..
F Yandro , Robert Coulson & Juanita Coulson, eds..

New Author of 1958

Desierto .
Brian W. Aldiss.
F Kit Reed.
F Paul Ash [Pauline Ashwell].
F Louis Charbonneau.
F Rosel George Brown.