British Science Fiction Awards

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The Dervish House , Ian McDonald.
F The Windup Girl [La chica mecánica] , Paolo Bacigalupi.
F Lightborn , Tricia Sullivan.
F The Restoration Game , Ken MacLeod.
F Zoo City , Lauren Beukes.

Short Fiction

The Shipmaker [La creadora de naves] , Aliette de Bodard.
F Arrhythmia , Neil Williamson.
F Flying in the Face of God , Nina Allan.
F The Things [Las cosas] , Peter Watts.


Portada de "Zoo City, Lauren Beukes" , Joey Hi-Fi.
F Portada de "Conflicts" , Andy Bigwood.
F Portada de "Finch" , Adam Tredowski.
F Portada de "Fun with Rainbows" , Carlie Harbour.
F Portada de "The Cat's Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr." , Dominic Harman.
F Ilustración de "A Deafened Plea for Peace", en Crossed Genres 21 , Ben Greene.

Non Fiction

Blogging the Hugos: Decline , Paul Kincaid.
F Notes from Coode Street Podcast , Jonathan Strahan & Gary K. Wolfe.
F Red Plenty , Francis Spufford.
F Review of The Wheel of Time , Adam Roberts.
F With Both Feet in the Clouds , Abigail Nussbaum.