British Science Fiction Awards

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The Night Sessions , Ken MacLeod.
F Anathem [Anatema] , Neal Stephenson.
F Flood [Inundación] , Stephen Baxter.
F The Gone-Away World , Nick Harkaway.

Short Fiction

Exhalation [Exhalación] , Ted Chiang.
F Crystal Nights [Noches de cristal] , Greg Egan.
F Evidence of Love in a Case of Abandonment: One Daughter's Personal Account , M. Rickert.
F Little Lost Robot , Paul J. McAuley.


Portada de "Subterfuge, Ian Whates, ed." , Andy Bigwood.
F Portada de "Flood, Stephen Baxter" , Blacksheep.
F Portada de "Swiftly, Adam Roberts" , Blacksheep.
F Portada de "Murky Depths #4" , Vincent Chong.
F Portada de "Interzone #218 Oct 2008" , Warwick Fraser Coombe.

Non Fiction

Rhetorics of Fantasy , Farah Mendlesohn.
F What It Is We Do When We Read Science Fiction , Paul Kincaid.
F Physics for Amnesia (talk given at the Gresham College Symposium Science Fiction as a Literary Genre) , John Clute.
F Superheroes!: Capes and Crusaders in Comics and Films , Roz Kaveney.