British Science Fiction Awards

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The Extremes [Experiencias Extremas] , Christopher Priest.
F The Cassini Division , Ken MacLeod.
F Queen City Jazz , Kathleen Ann Goonan.
F Inversions [Inversiones] , Iain M. Banks.
F To Hold Infinity , John Meaney.

Short Fiction

La Cenerentola , Gwyneth Jones.
F The Day Before They Came , Mary Soon Lee.
F The First Annual Performance Arts Festival at the Slaughter Rock Battlefield , Thomas M. Disch.
F Shift Change , Timons Esaias.
F Vulpheous , Eric Brown.


Portada de "Interzone #138 Dec 1998"; ilustración de "Lord Prestimion, Robert Silverberg" , Jim Burns.
F Portada de "Focus #34" , Colin Odell.
F Portada de "Interzone #135 Sep 1998"; ilustración de "Jedella Ghost, Tanith Lee" , Dominic Harman.
F Portada de "Interzone #137 Nov 1998"; ilustración de "The Gardens of Saturn, Paul J. McAuley" , Dominic Harman.