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Novel [English]

Young Adult Novel [English]

Short Fiction [English]

Poem/Song [English]

Graphic Novel [English]

Related Work [English]

On Spec , Copper Pig Writers' Society.
F Gifts for the One Who Comes After , Helen Marshall.
F Strange Bedfellows , Hayden Trenholm, ed..
F Lackington's , Ranylt Richildis, ed..
F Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction , Suzanne Church.


Dan O'Driscoll.
F Erik Mohr.
F James Beveridge.
F Derek Newman-Stille.
F Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk & Steve Fahnestalk.

Fan Publications

Speculating Canada , Derek Newman-Stille, ed..
F Ecdysis , Jonathan Crowe, ed..
F Space Cadet , R. Graeme Cameron, ed..
F Broken Toys , Taral Wayne, ed..
F Pubnites & Other Events , Yvonne Penney, ed..

Fan Related Work

Derek Newman-Stille. [Speculating, Canada on Trent Radio 92.7 FM]
F Lloyd Penney. [fan writing for fanzines and e-zines]
F Weekly column in Amazing Stories Magazine , R. Graeme Cameron. [weekly column in Amazing Stories Magazine]
F Steve Fahnestalk. [weekly column in Amazing Stories Magazine]
F Kevin B. Madison. [Thunder Road Trip]

Fan Organizational

Sandra Kasturi. [Chair, Chiaroscuro Reading Series: Toronto]
F Randy McCharles. [Chair, When Words Collide, Calgary]
F Matt Moore, Marie Bilodeau & Nicole Lavigne. [Co-chairs, Chiaroscuro Reading Series: Ottawa]
F Alana Otis & Paul Roberts. [Co-chairs, Ad Astra Convention, Toronto]
F Derek Künsken, Farrell McGovern, Caycee Price & Elizabeth Buchan-Kimmerly. [Executive, Can*Con 2014, Ottawa]

Fan Music

Kari Maaren. [YouTube Channel]
F Brooke Abbey. [Weirdness from 2014, Bandcamp]
F Copy Red Leader. [Crossing the Streams CD, The Pond Studio]
F Debs & Errol. [OVFF Concert, Ohio Valley Filk Fest]
F Stone Dragons. [Dream of Flying CD, Stone Dragon Studios]