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Novel [English]

Short Fiction [English]

Poem/Song [English]

Graphic Novel [English]

Goblins , Tarol Hunt. [www.goblinscomic.com]
F Imagination Manifesto, Book 2 , GMB Chomichuk, James Rewucki & John Toone.
F Weregeek , Alina Pete.

Related Work [English]

On Spec , Copper Pig Writers' Society.
F Neo-Opsis , Karl Johanson, ed..
F Fairytale , Heather Dale.
F The First Circle: Volume One of the Tenth Circle Project , Eileen Bell & Ryan McFadden, eds..
F Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case of Quite Curious Tales , Julie E. Czerneda & Susan MacGregor, eds..


Fan Publications

Bourbon and Eggnog , Eileen Bell, Ryan McFadden, Billie Milholland & Randy McCharles.
F BCSFAzine , Felicity Walker, ed..
F SOL Rising , Michael Matheson, ed..
F In Places Between: The Robin Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest book , Renée Bennett, ed..